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San Jose Sharks Concept


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I was going for a more traditional compared to what they have now. But I think it also turned out modern at the same time. I want to know what ya'll think



C&C Please

***EDIT: Added a black alternate for good measure***

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Nice and clean. Very well executed.

The only two comments I'd make would be to add the secondary logo of the shark fin to the shoulders. There fine without them, but I'm a fan of them personally.

I might also suggest reversing the teal and silver stripes on the black alternate jersey. I'm not a fan of the teal right up against the black. Perhaps it would stand out more if the silver and teal were reversed.


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Not even close. They wore jerseys that were most similar to the Whalers' last jerseys.

They're nice, but I also like what they have currently. Now, if they were to replace their current lame-assed alt with the black jersey from this set, that would be a good move.

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