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Newark Bears "REAL" new logo

Ez Street

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Dec. 9, 2004 -- The Newark Bears (independent; Atlantic League) unveiled its brand-new logo, color scheme and uniforms at a press conference held today at The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) in Newark. In addition the organization announced its marketing slogan for 2005: The Newark Bears: Unleashed!

The new Bears look is red, black and silver, featuring a more athletic-looking bear with a backdrop of the Newark city skyline. The new look replaces the purple, black and gold which had been featured since the Newark Bears inception in 1998.

Three different uniforms will be used by the Bears beginning in 2005. The home uniform will feature a white jersey with white pants; and the road uniform will have a black jersey with grey pants. The Bears will also wear an alternate third uniform, which was modeled at today's press conference by Newark manager Chris Jones, featuring a red jersey and white pants. Three different hats will be worn by the club this season, as well.

The concept for the new look was created by The Silverman Group, a New Haven, CT-based marketing firm.

Among those who attended the press conference to show their support of the Bears and their new look and marketing campaign were New York Yankees manager Joe Torre and former New Jersey Devils defenseman Ken Daneyko.

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Overall, I like the logo and wordmark. A nice mix of black, silver and dark red, and it's not overly detailed.


Friggin ARIAL?! ARIAL?! I knew eventually this bastard font would appear in logos, but YUCK! It's a pale PC imitation of Helvetica! Use the original!

!!!!! (needed 5 more to meet the quota)

I really like the wordmark on the jersey. Notice how it's different than the logo? I think the jersey wordmark should be the one with the logo.

The bear's nose does look misaligned, unless from a profile view it juts out further than the mouth.

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!. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, *LOVE* the red jerseys. That is 100% kick ass.

2. I dont see any reason they couldnt use the wordmark from the jerseys in with the primary logo. I think they should do that.

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It looks a little like a Flynnagain, is it?

No... it was designed by The Silverman Group. They've designed logos for the Augusta Lynx, Bridgeport Bluefish, Bridgeport Sound Tigers, Camden River Sharks, Chicago Enforcers, Montreal Impact, Orlando Rage, Tampa Bay Lightning and Washington Capitals amongst other professional clients. Their collegiate work includes logos for Wake Forest, the University of Richmond, the University of South Florida, Yale and quite a few small college programs.

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