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Nba-baseball cross-over set


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I hope mr. SHB doesn't get upset at me venturing into his territory, but I'm starting a NBA-baseball x-over set. I plan on doing every team, except the Nets, which dont really make sense as a baseball team :) Give me all the opinions or critisicm you want, I can handle it. I'll set up the post the same as SHB always does, all the concepts in this post, and then check back for updates!:

Atlanta Hawks (version 2)

Boston Celtics

Chicago Bulls

Cleveland Cavaliers

Dallas Mavericks

Denver Nuggets (version 2)

Detroit Pistons

Golden State Warriors

Houston Rockets

Indiana Pacers

LA Clippers

LA Lakers

Memphis Grizzlies

Miami Heat

Milwaukee Bucks

Minnesota T-Wolves

New Jersey Nets

N'Awlins Hornets

New York Knicks

Orlando Magic

Philadelpia 76ers

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since I dont do anything NBA-related I have no problem with you persuing this whatsoever (I doubt it would really matter if I did though)

the hawks one I really dont care for but the celtics look great. I probably would have put the city names on the road jerseys, but you did them how you wanted to and I respect that (unlike a lot of people on here).

the big logo on the hawks alternate, cant really say I like that, but like I said, thats how you wanted it so thats how it will stay.

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I believe the Hawks could perhaps use a little more black, and an ATLANTA script would be nice. What you have is pretty dark good too.

Boston I would use a flat B for the hat, but other than that this is also a nice crossover.

We have the right to say what we think about the jerseys good and bad and how to improve them. The designer has a right not too make the changes. Sometimes the designers gets a new idea from this stuff though so it can be a good thing. We all respect the right for the designer not to change, but if you post them you want our oppinions and with oppinions come explanations.

Also, anyone is welcome to do crossovers. Shark was not the first, but he has been the most prominent crossover designer, but anyone can do them. Heck, I think he even challenged us to do them.

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thanks for the replies guys.

I kinda figured i'd get the responses on chanhing the away jerseys to city names, but it just so happens that the 1st two teams i did actually wear their nicknames on their road jerseys in the NBA, so thats where i got that idea. But I'll fool around with it and see what happens

SyPhi, yep, im 100% Mennonite!

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Holy Cow!

The home uniforms for the Celtics look exactly like the uniforms the local "Midget" Little League baseball team wears!

Just change the 'B' to an 'R' and drop the four leaf clover and there it is. Althougth, I think the uni's could use the clover. We're a largely Irish society.

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Hawks:  Great, but could use a bit more black.  Probably the better looking of the two.

Celtics:  On the right track, but I'm just not feeling the cap logo.  I think it's because it's the slanted "C" from their wordmark.  I might try an inter-locking "B-C" logo in front of the three-leaf clover (so it doesn't look so Boston College-ish), but that's just me :)


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2 more added, and one updated:

Atlanta Hawks, verision 2: I took some suggestions to add more black and have the city on the road uni, and i think it really finished 'em off. Thanks for the comments guys!

Chicago Bulls: not a very exciting logo/colour combo to work with, but i tried my best

Cleveland Cavaliers: i cant say enough about their new scheme! i love it! i think the workmark transfers quite well to a baseball uni. kinda gambled on the 3rd jersey's hat.

Lemme know what you think!

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yes I will acknowledge that x-overs concepts have been posted here long before I started making them

as I continued to crank them out, most of the other users have annointed me "the king of x-over". I never asked to be reffered to as such, but it just stuck.

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Wow, epper, these are outstanding. I'd venture to call them SHB-esque... not quite at the level of the Xover King, but getting darn close. Atlanta V2 and Chicago are great, but the Cleveland one is the best.
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2 More Added:

Dallas Mavericks: One of my favourite NBA jerseys. I think the 3rd jersey turned out the best. I had fun editing the basketballs out of both logos!

Denver Nuggets: i really like their schnazzy new colour scheme, but it was hard to make a road jersey because IMO grey and yellow clash. i took most of the yellow out, but im still not happy with it. again, i think the 3rd jersey worked best.

(Snowcap, the workmarks on the Cavs jerseys were made my hand.)

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Wow, some more great work.

The Mavs colour scheme works well for baseball, and I very much appreciate the high quality editing you did on the logos. Good work.

The Nuggets looks good, but a few suggestions. They have a DN logo that they used on their draft caps, and although it's pretty lame, it's an actual part of their identity (which I believe the logo you used is not). Also, I don't like the cap logo for the alt, but don't have any suggestions on that. The road jerseys are tastefully done, good work in incorporating the grey and yellow.

I am very much enjoying these, keep up the great work!

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