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The Headbanger's Bowl


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OK, here are the rules:

Your job, ladies and gentlemen, is to create an original, fictional band name. The name must be based on a 'Big-Four' (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) team of your choice (I.E. New York Yankees: The Bronx Bomberzz, Philadelphia Phillies: The Phanatix, or something like that).

The name cannot be an actual band name already in use. There will be no 'first-come-first-serve' for teams; if everybody wants the L.A. Lakers, then everyone can have the Lakers, but each band name must be different. You then must create a logo for your band, using at least two colours from the team you have chosen. With me so far? :D

I will then provide templates for a t-shirt, hoodie, wristbands and drum set, and you must create original 'band merch', or merchandise. The clothing cannot be monochrome, so we're looking for a little originality in your concepts. Everything coolio? B)

When the templates are posted, the contest will begin, hence we will have a deadline. Good luck to all, and any questions can be directed to me or lopernv.

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BTW: All the entries should be e-mailed to me at stratocasterman@gmail.com

Posting in this thread equals disqualification.

No PM VOTINGm you will vote in a seprate thread.

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Quick question: Based on the name of the contest and its logo, should all the "bands" reflect more of a hard rock feel or is this open to any type of design/music genre?

If its a band with drumsets. Doesn't have to be Death Metal, but no rap themes.

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Thanks. I guess not that the font or logo "necessarily" give away what type of band it is but looking at the logo for the contest, you immediately think hard rock or metal and just wanted to know if that was implied. It may give everyone a better feel for the contest. Again, appreciate the reply.

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