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Hats you want


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Nats BP 3930, but it's not available at the places where I have money for already (Lids and Dick's Sporting Goods)


I already have a Cubs BP 3930 that I've worn on a daily basis for about a year and judging by the smell, it's about time a get a new one, and the Nats DC logo just seems cool to me.

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One cap I would like is something with the old Falcons logo on it. I used to have a red one but now I don't have it. I always liked that logo.

If I could, I also would want one of those visors Jon Gruden used to wear when he coached the Raiders. I was looking at some NFL footage from a few years ago and noticed it. Something that is just plain black would be nice.

There are plenty of others, but I'm working on getting all of them eventually. I'm well on my way.

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A cap I want? I'll tell u what I want...A 2003 Stanley Cup Champions hat that has the name, Mighty Ducks of Anaheim below the text and the team logo on it.

Well, yeah, they did go to Game 7, so I imagine there were some made up, just in case. You could probably find those right next to the racks upon racks of "Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Champions" T-shirts. :D

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Here's my wishlist:


  • First one is an Ottawa Senators Zephyr X-Line cap (LOVE that logo); hopefully there's a red one, not burgundy.
  • Second one is an Indianapolis Colts 2005 Draft cap. Shouldn't be too hard to find.
  • Lastly, I've always wanted a David Coulthard McLaren Mercedes cap; this one is something along the lines of what I'm looking for.

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