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Colorado Rockies Concept


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The white jersey could be used almost as often as the white vest, whereas the black would probably be used less often. It can also be worn at home or on the road. The bottom is the BP but I wouldn't mind it being worn once in a while since I like it (I know you guys hate teams wearing BP though).

I just wanted to improve on their current look and try to create some consistency throughout the uniforms.

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It's pretty good...like the way you made "ROCKIES" and "COLORADO" stand out a bit more than they do on the current jerseys...

My only complaint is the purple pinstripes...especially on the primary road...

Black pinstripes on the home primaries would look better, IMO...and the road would be perfect without em..

Also, how bout an all black hat as well? If there's one thing about the Rox current set I like, it's the way they've done the hat...

They're close...but not quite there.

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I like them overall. Black is scaled back to an acceptable, and the purple is used well. The wordmark is a modest improvement, although I would also push for a darker and/or bluer purple, like what the Vikings or Lakers use.

The non-pinstriped home set is way sharper than the set with pinstripes. And pinstripes on the road are kinda, well... :puke: . Try a plain road set, and call it a great look!

Purple belts... means purple shoes. Go with black on this one...

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For the first time i'm really pleased with a Rockies uniform.

It's the best concept i ever see.... for the colorado team.

I specially loves the purple BP jersey with the all-purple hat.

Great job.

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I just updated the first post.

-Darkened the purple a bit

-Black pinstripes at home

-No pinstripes on the road

-Black belts

-All black cap for the 2nd alt (it can be worn with the primary road)

-A neater looking color display :D

I think thats all.

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I really love that all-white jersey. That stands out so crisp and clean, I might consider buying one if the Rockies wore something like this. But alas....they're stuck with the crap they have right now.

Great job. :upside:

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this is an awesome concept i like what you've done and its way better than those monstrosities (sp?) they call unforms now. I think we all know which ones im referring to. My only suggestions would be go with just the home primary and one road uni. on the home put black pinstries and make the sleeves black and eliminate the vest from the roads and you have a winner.

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