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More Stolen CCSLC Work!


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Hmm--I didn't see the Bomber's one before--but the Docs one is definitely iDonovan's.

I was the one who first posted the story about the Mighty Ducks suing a group of doctors in Red Deer, Alberta who had a team called the Mighty Docs-so iDonovan created a new logo and offered it to them--and they accepted it-it was a feel good story.

I suppose it is possible someone from the team put it there--but most likely it was just "borrowed" from this site or theirs...

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I don't see anymore CCSLC work, but I have a question.

That Bombers one was from when Baltimore made a bid for expansion franchise (which ended up being Carolina and Jacksonville, I think). They didn't win the bid, so is that logo "stolen?"

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Here is something to think about.

So what's the difference between another site using your images for avatars and people on this site making sigs with pro logos? Nothing really.

If someone is making money off of your work, that is one thing. If it is just a resource for fans, I don't see the harm. Would you guys want MLB, NFL etc. going to chris and insisting that their protected works be removed?

All I am saying is consider what battles are worth fighting.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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