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I plan on updating my page of field and court templates to include the new NHL rink layout. (I may make a separate design for college hockey and AHL.)

Anyway, while I'm doing the update, is there anything you folks would like added? I'm considering adding Aussie Rules, if I can find the information about the fields. There already is curling. I will add as many as people want.

Field, Court and Rink Templates

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OK, grass texture, blue ice, and even woodgrains. These ideas I will do.

But what I am really asking is what additional sports you would like me to add.

Tetherball :D

But really that was one fantastic game!

Good work, and as the others said mroe realistic ones would be nice. Mayber international style hockey. You have CFL, so why not what the rest of the world uses as their rink?

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Lacrosse and arena football have been on the site since the beginning!


Not the first time I've used that pic, and certainly not the last. I thought you had it but when I checked I didn't see it. I need new glasses again


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