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One more reason to hate the Bills' jerseys


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I'm watching the Bill and Bears locally on the Bills TV Network, and I've seen something that just looks ridiculous. Both J.P. Losman and Eric Moulds have the Reebok logo up on the blue shoulder covering that we all hate. However, to make it stand out, it has a very thick outline in white on the blue. This is very bush league looking, as it takes away from the uniformity. Looking back at the game against the Colts, and this was not the case for either player. I'm trying to find photos and will post as soon as possible. Amen for corporate sponsers, eh?

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I've seen it with other teams with sleeve numbers before. Jersey was altered to player specs, so there was no room for Reebok and number. Rules says jersey colors MUST match, so they cant stitch a white logo onto the blue, because that wouldn't match. In the NFL's twisted line of logic, this does.

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You make a good point, but I'm just not sure that I kind find it inside myself to hate the Bills uniforms any more than I already do.


Certainly this:


is better than this?


But not this:


When did the Bills have the numbers on the shoulders instead of the sleves? :therock:

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