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like my sigs?


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its mad easy anyone can do these the same way

i used MS paint, too!

i just took the logos and words from the team pages on cbssports.com, switched them around to make them "stackable" and added a black outline to them

simple yet different sigs

ill gladly do any team for anyone who wants them but they're very easy for you do-it-yourselfers

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wow im overwhelmed lol

ill do all of you guys' sigs as soon as humanly possible ive got an insane summer reading list to do by wednesday but i should have all of them in the next day or two

yo jbperry do you want a 6th team to make it even when i stack these? let me know cuz itll look better

o and guinness...

my dad's old lol...

when he grew up in maine there were no patriots

i like the patriots and im happy for their success and all but im not die-hard like i am for the giants

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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