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NBA Uniform Redesign Project 2nd Pack


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The Lakers, I do realize I made the white the primary home, the gold the primary away, and the purple as the alt. I don't think that'll slide...but just wanted to see what it would be like for the Lakers to be normal and where white at home all the time. The Rockets, i like their current unis, but i went with this to have silver and red dominant in the home, not just red on white, and red silver and white dominant in the aways, along with a silver alt. I went to their history from the red/mustard days and slanted the wordmark upwards.






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Am I the only one who has to strain to read the letters on the Nuggets' white jersey?

nope. first thing i noticed.

my reviews:

nuggs: whites lack definition... you should use navy a little better on that one, and it will help keep it from looking faded and blurry. all your colors are bleeding together into a blob... however, the blue and yellow jerseys are awesome. i really like the piping and panels on that one. fits together well, and i like it better than their real template.

rockets: another improvement. don't know what else to say. nice job. you made their boring simplistic jerseys more interesting looking, without actually changing that much.

clipps: the best thing you could have come up with, without using brand new logos... their logo set is awful, but these uniforms are very nice.

lakers: not bad, but not amazing either... their current ones don't really need too many changes. my biggest beef with this is that you made yellow the road, and purple the third. that seems odd to me. if white is going to be the home (which i don't agree with, but it doesn't matter, since this is your concept, and it's well done), then i think the road should stay purple. just switch the white and yellow. yellow is a white equivalent, imo. so using a yellow road, with a white home, just doesn't fit. purple needs to stay the road.

heat: best of the bunch.... these would be some of the best unis in sports, if they were used... i really really like them. the flames on the shorts are subtle enough that they don't look tacky... if you'd told me that you put flames on the shorts, i would have assumed it would look like trash or a minor league team. but these really work. awesome job.

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Excellent excellent job! :notworthy: I love all of your NBA uniform designs, especially the Celtics and Hawks... my one note on these would be make the side stripe on the Nuggets aways gold with white piping or white with gold... Not feelin the dark blue... But great job overall and i cant wait for the next five

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I like the Miami Heat idea but on the white and on the black jersey there should be a red shadow behind the word HEAT and the number just like there is on the red jersey. Then the red lines should extend upwards on the jersey just like they do on the red and the white, and make the black one the road jersey because it has always been their main road color. Those are just my opinions coming from a Heat fan.

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Didn't you do a full Clip's redesign a while back? Maybe go with that one instead of building off their current set.

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Thanks for your input guys.

-Yea BBTV i did do a clips redesign, but im not gonna reuse one of my concept logos, since this is strictly a uniform redesign project and not logos as well.

-The Clippers' wordmark is ms painty because i dont have it in vector and it resized weird once i took it from Illustrator to irfanview to save it as a jpg.

-If you look at the Nuggets' current unis here on sportslogos.net, the home uni looks the same way, just because theres strictly gold and powder blue, with no royal blue involved. its the way the numbers are outlined: powder blue number, gold outline, then royal blue outline.

-I went with red for the primary away uni for the Heat because black is such a common color, and when i think heat i think red, not black, so i went with black as the alt.

-And yea, like i said at first, i didnt think the lakers' with white homes and gold aways would slide.

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Me being a Clippers fan...

I'm so sorry


But, yeah, I do agree that the clips need a blank slate, and should definately find their own arena so they don't keep looking like the unwanted houseguests that they have become over the years. The Lakers set seems a litle too revolutionary with the side panels, and I'd keep the current color layout, because I just can't picture the yellow as anything but a home jersey. The rockets are pretty snazzy, and I love how you use the actual logo wordmark on the Nuggets' alt. Miami's awesome, but the flame effect on the homes loses its effect in black.


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Honestly, I liked the first bunch better. Maybe it's the teams you were saddled with here.

NUGGETS: I'm with Cole, cyan and the others who found the wordmarks tough to read. The yellow and blues are fairly dull (by that I mean not vibrant or bold, and not to mean uninteresting), and they kind of bleed into each other without standing out and being sharply defined.

ROCKETS: I like what you did with the wordmark. It looks progressive. Still, I like the old ketchup & mustard colors. That will always say "Houston Rockets" to me. I think you saw and commented on my "McRockets" look from a few months ago (it was my 1st concept on these boards; I can dig it out but i don't want to hijack your work which far outclasses mine), but I was hoping you'd go this way more.

CLIPPERS: I realize what you're going for, but I am joining the chorus begging for YOUR Clippers concept. This set is hard to embellish, but your vision was really really nice.

LAKERS and HEAT: No qualms with either. Head and shoulders above the rest of this group. I'd like to see them both on the court, even Lakers in white.

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I love the shorts for the Heat

Its looks like fire coming up from the floor or something like that.

Also I like the Nuggets writing on the chest of the Alternate jersey. They should use that on all their jerseys.

good job.


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