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Kansas City Chiefs concept

Dave Ship

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Thats pretty tasty, a lot better than what they have now.....especially like the use of the 2ndary wordmark on the home and the baseball style city name on the road unis and the hlemet logo on the sleeves.....But (sorry!), I don't like the gold, possibly too much makes it looks a little late 70's early 80's, maybe just thinner stripes needed, because the style is good.

Possibly should reverse the logo on the left hand sleeve so both arrowheads face forward...overall though fantastic!

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I really like it; the only slightly negative thing I find is the sides are very white.

If you were watching this uni on TV it would be very white from side on, playing a team in white.

Apart from that little thing, it looks really nice.

Kinda has a European style to it Beatnik brings to the place.

Oh, and I've got a site.

Footy Jumpers Dot Com

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the side stripes look like there should be a gun holster

Sorry, but that's funny... :lol:

Keep thinking out of the box, Beatnik, I'm loving your style!

On January 16, 2013 at 3:49 PM, NJTank said:

Btw this is old hat for Notre Dame. Knits Rockne made up George Tip's death bed speech.


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I admire the creativity that went into this but I just dont like the final results. The sides and helmet are much too busy. I guess my problem with this is Im a traditionalist..when I see those classic Chiefs uniforms (basically unchanged for 40 years) I think of some great teams over the years. Nice effort though...keep the concepts coming!

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The thing that gets me is the way the stripes on the back interact with the nameplate. Covering up the stripes makes the nameplate look like an afterthought...just slapped on for the heck of it. It almost works better with no names on the back, college style.

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I agree with the above comments, good design just not for the Chiefs.

One other thing, the nameplate on the back kinda messes up the back of the jersey IMO. The only time that a name plate should interfere with the striping is when you're dealing with a huge name. Not something as short as Beatnik.

But aside from that great stuff.


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You know, it be cool if you would submit that to Kansas City and see if they would use it. I think it's a new idea for a team that could use a little update.

Legally, they could never use it.

Beatnik, I like the idea, I'm just kind of mixed on the results. The back looks funky, especially with the nameplate, and the sides are weird because the jersey doesn't match the pants stripes.

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I don't know, Beatnik.

You've got a very distinctive style, and your creations are as well-executed and brought to life as anybody's. I enjoy your creativity and your eye for change.

But more and more I find myself thinking the same thing over and over: "These look radical but sharp, but they'll NEVER see an NFL playing field."

What WSU said before me is right. These are not legal jerseys. Colored jerseys cannot have that much white in them, since the other team on the field will be wearing white jerseys. Similarly, the white jerseys have too much color in them. The side panels trend that the Broncos started is bad enough, but your concepts have huge chunks of jersey not colored like the main jersey color.

I know the NCAA has rules that strictly and explicitly prohibit designs like these from being used in college football. BYU's "bib" uniforms were disallowed for having designs like these.

With this design, the color sections run through the nameplate, which looks very questionable as well. Since you know there must be player names on the jerseys, to have a design like this where design elements are obscured by the nameplate is poor planning.

I find the designs visually appealing and interesting, but I can't say I'd choose them over what I think are as fine a uniform as there exists in the NFL. Those uniforms are virtually unchanged over nearly half a century, and I think that should count for something.

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