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Yale, back me up on this one... but didn't the Blues once sign a "mascot" of sorts from Québec?

Yes, the trumpet guy. He came in for the playoffs sometime in the late 80's.

Then Towel Guy came into the picture and established himself as the unofficial Blues mascot.

And, by the way, why is it that the Montreal Expos aren't using Youppi! anymore?

Oh, stop it you all. You knew it was coming despite your sincerest hopes.

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Yeah, the trumpet guy. He was cool.

Does Towel Guy still ply his trade? I actually have his autograph on a St. Louis Vipers jersey, not far from Bernie Federko's sig.

I'm assuming he'll be back. Subsequent to the lockout the bank (Union Planters) that was buying his season ticket for him got bought out. Assuming the successor bank continues with this policy (or someone else steps up to finance the seat) he'll be midway up the top deck ready to give the ol' terrycloth a few swings come October.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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