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Miami will unveil their orange jerseys tonight


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are you speaking of the dolphins?


ok heres the article.

Dolphins Orange Jersey To Debut Tonight At Kickoff Celebration

September 4, 2003

Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Fiedler, linebacker Junior Seau, defensive end Jason Taylor and running back Ricky Williams will all participate in the unveiling of the team?s orange jersey, which will be worn by the Dolphins at one home game during the 2003 season. The unveiling will take place at the Dolphins ?Kickoff Celebration? on Thursday, September 4 at Las Olas Riverfront from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.

The ?Kickoff Celebration? is part of the Dolphins ?Countdown to Kickoff? festivities leading up to the team?s season opening contest against the Houston Texans on September 7 at Pro Player Stadium. In addition to the orange jersey unveiling, the celebration will also feature performances by all of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, fan contests, interactive games, Dolphin Alumni Q&A sessions and much more.

Fans looking to purchase the new Miami Dolphins orange jersey will have three options on Thursday, September 4, when the team unveils its new look. To celebrate the unveiling and release of the orange jersey the Miami Dolphins Pro Shop, located at the team?s training facility in Davie, the club?s online store, and the Sports Authority on North Federal Highway in Ft. Lauderdale will all carry the jersey that evening and throughout the weekend.

In an effort to best serve Dol-Fans looking for an exclusive opportunity to purchase the orange jersey, the Pro Shop will be open until midnight on the 4th, while the Sports Authority location on Federal Highway will be open until 11:00 p.m. In addition on the 4th, the Dolphins? online store will offer free shipping for orange jersey purchases placed between 7:00 p.m. and midnight on Thursday, September 4th.

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It's on their website. Here's hoping that they wear them with the white pants, and not the teal.

They couldn't be that stupid, or could they? :P

Although my natural inclination is to hate the orange jerseys, they might actually look sharp with the white pants.  Hopefully they don't totally screw up the design...


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i always wondered how they'd look in orange.  at least they're not wearing those navy fashion jerseys.  now if the bungles would spring for an orange alt we'd be straight.


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I could go for some navy Dolphins jerseys about now.... I mean, these look good for an orange jersey, but as the Broncos can tell you, orange is much more effective as an accent color than a primary. It has the tendency to overwhelm other colors around it. Look how drab the teal looks when it's on an orange backdrop.
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You know what I'd like to see the Dolphins in? A firey bus crash! (Sorry, Bills Fan is a dominant gene).

Seriously though, it's a Dolphins jersey, only orange. No big deal, I won't object to the look. But, I've said before, the NFL doesn't have a long enough schedule to accomodate alternates.

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