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Ncaa football jerseys


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i am always interested in knowing other peoples opinions on jerseys that are already out, and not just concepts

if you could name your top 5 in college football uniforms that would be great

heres mine:

1. Alabama- Best shade of red out there, and such a classy and good looking uniform, i love the helmet numbers.

2. Pitt- this is just a great looking uniform in any color combo; the blue is perfect- dark and crisp but not navy, and the vegas gold works better than yellow.... im saying this and i really dont like pitt

3. Im gonna get plop for this but.... Purdue!  I love the gold jerseys and I think they look great.

4. Georgia Tech- they have the perfect shade of gold, gold enough to be mettalic-ish but yellow enough to be easily recognized as a primary, these just look great

5. USC- nike prob had to excersise great self control not to go broncos with them, but they look great on the field

honorable mentions: PSU, Ohio State, Texas, UCLA powder blue

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In no particular order . . .

LSU - Great colors and I like their striping scheme.  Very much what I think of when I think of a college uniform.


Marshall - Nothing fancy, but they make green and black work very well together and they get bonus points in my book for not adopting a black jersey!

UTEP - Horrible team; great uniforms.


And one that would have made it last year . . . Iowa State.  They changed their setup this year to look a lot like the KC Chiefs.  The setup they had been using for the  7 years prior to this year was my favorite bar none.

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Michigan-this is what you think of when you think of a college football look.  

Texas-once again, a college look

Florida-i hate to admit it cus i hate them bastards, but it's a nice look.  i like how they have the sleeve and pants stripes match teh helmet stripe.

LSU whites-another quintessential college look(whites, at least.  they need new purples)

Notre Dame-this had to be here.  many purists may hate the gold side panel...and some other purists may hate the fact that they have the ND on the sleeves.  all i know is this is also a jersey you can look at and think of college ball.  

honorable mention: oklahoma...texas a&m...mount union.


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In Order:

#1- Hawai'i I love the colors, the logo is a perfect Letter logo, the jersey are simple and represent hawai'i and the numbers are the greatest

#2-UCLA Colors work so well and the powder blue is so nice

#3-Boston College I love the Maroon and Gold..

#4-Wazzu St. (Washington State) THE ONLY TEAM THAT MAKES THE BRONCOS STYLE WORK (besides the broncos)

#5-Miami The Jersey style is innovative and i love the all green combo..

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Lets see........

In any order......

Oregon :D no just kidding.......

San Jose State :D dammit wrong again......

Enough fun......

USC-a great blend of the old and the new

Georgia-see above

Florida State-gold pants only though please

Texas-no matter how much it kills me to say it, they have a nice clean look

UNLV-they have a simular theme as usc uniform wise, but a bit more modern, good package

and finally my own school...The University of Kansas Giants..er..Jayhawks with our new school navy.  :P




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01 - Pennsylvania State University Nittany Lions

02 - University of Southern California Trojans

03 - University of Notre Dame Fightin' Irish

04 - University of Alabama Crimson Tide

05 - University of Michigan Wolverines

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1. Florida - They are my favprite team and my favorite unis.

2. Miami - I dislike that team ever so much. But the uniforms are cool just as long as they ditch that orange jersey.

3. Oregon - Just PLEASE don't wear yellow. The green and black look was awesome.

4. Hawaii - I don't have much to say. They just look cool.

5. Notre Dame - Hey you gotta have one classic-looking team on the list.

Besides, dark bue and gold are one of my favorite color combos.



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1. Virgina Tech Hokies: I wish more teams used maroon; looks good with orange.


2.  Florida Gators: I absolutely hate the Gators the Swamp and think Gainesville should be given back to the Spanish:;): , but they have a great look...better than many pro teams.

3.  Hawaii Warriors: The complete look is very nice.

4.  Boston College Eagles: Again, nice look.  Distincitve numerals.

5.  San Diego State Aztecs:  The jerseys have a good look, although the helmets have proved controversial.

Honorable mention: Oregon (but the yellow jerseys were a "crime against humanity"...and ducks, too!), North Carolina and UTEP.

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1. Ohio State (i don't know why i just like them)

2. Marshall (Nice Black and Green mix)

3. Virginia Tech (No one else uses Maroon and Orange, it's a cool combo)

4. Ole Miss (classic old school with great colors)

5. Miami (please don't shoot me, originality does count in my book. for some reason i always like orange and green together)

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In no particular order,

BYU's current set,

Oregon's jerseys from the past few years (not the current ones)


Colorado State's from a year ago (not the new one's they are wearing right now)

Boston College... I just wish they'd but the BC Eagle logo on the helmets.... but I'm sure that'd blow the traditionalists' minds.

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In no particular order...


Maryland -- Always have had a soft spot for the Terps (I have family from around the DC area and cousins who attended college there), and now they finally have cool uniforms.


Miami -- By and large, Nike has done an amazing job with their newer, cutting-edge designs (not including this year's Oregon unis right now), and theirs are the best of the bunch.


Akron -- Very Rams-ish, but still a cool design. New logo was a major upgrade over the "Motion A" logo, and incorporates one of the most underrated mascots in all of college football (Zippy the Kangaroo).


USC -- The prime example of how to incorporate old-school elements into a modern uniform design. Nobody does this better than SoCal.


Hawaii -- State-specific design elements that incorporate themselves very nicely on their uniforms. Plus, they got rid of "Rainbow" from their nickname, that's gotta be good for something.

Honorable Mention: Michigan's helmets (best design ever, although the team is EVIL -- GO BADGERS!)


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Honorable Mention: Michigan's helmets (best design ever, although the team is EVIL -- GO BADGERS!)

That design was first used by Princeton. One of the Princeton coaches went to Michigan, and took the design with him.

Stay Tuned Sports Podcast

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I knew that, but Michigan has used it continuously for over 65 years and Princeton has changed theirs from time to time (they only went back to that style in 1998), and therefore it's more closely associated with the Michigan program.

Side note:  Delaware has used theirs since 1951, and not only did they copy Michigan's helmet design, they copied their color scheme too (their new coach that year was a Michigan assistant the year before)...


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1. Alabama the best red(crimson) Jersey out there might could use a bit of an update but good overall.

2.Miami the green ones are my favorite.

3.Southern Miss. new Jersey and helmet looks good.

4.Washington State there jersey's are good and I like the fact that they change the helmet color on the road.

5. Michigan I love the colors. The yellow pants are my favorite.

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