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The independent Canadian-American Baseball League has announced they are putting a new team in Sussex, NJ. Sussex's Skylands Park used to be home to the New Jersey Cardinals of the New York-Penn League before they moved it to become the State College Spikes for the 2006 season.

This new team will replace the Elmira Pioneers. A "Name Your Team" contest is being held on their website to help picks its new identitiy.

The Contest deadline is January 20th so you don't have much time to submit a name!


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Here are the 20 finalists. None of the names are anything I'd write home about. Whta the heck is a "supernaut" anyway?

Most of the names are either already taken by other teams (either pro or college) and/or not very applicable to New Jersey. The winner will be named on Jan. 25th.


















Cougars (I picture a spooky logo of a middle-aged bar hag)




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:blink: ?

Highlanders? Mountaineers?

As a proud native New Jerseyite, the state is many things. But with a maximum elevation of 1801 ft. (granted, it is High Point, in Sussex Co.), mountainous is one thing we're not. The Appalachian chain snakes through the northwest corner of the state, but we're not the Colorado of the East.

I don't get why there are so many "Western" nicknames - Coyotes, Mustangs, Rattlers, Copperheads... Yeah, there's some open land, some snakes and some agriculture, but this isn't exactly the Ponderosa or the Southwestern Desert.

While we're at it, can we toss the ambiguous singular nicknames (Wild, Storm)? Please?

Meh... given what's left, I'd take Generals.

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Cornhuskers sounds like a fit. The stadium is deisgned to look like a barn in addition to the miles of crops that are grown up there.

Even considering all that, I don't think you can get past the very obvious association with the Univ. of Nebraska. I would go with Highlanders despite the lack of real Highlands (maybe just because I really like that name).

I don't get why there are so many "Western" nicknames - Copperheads...

I don't think Copperheads is a particularly Western nickname. For the record, I had a friend growing up (hard to believe, I know, but I did have several, in fact) who was bitten by a copperhead in North-Central Maryland (not exactly the Old West).

The American Copperheads, including the Northern Copperhead & Southern Copperhead subspecies, are common over much of their range. These Copperhead snakes are found most often in rocky, wooded and mountainous regions throughout the Eastern Gulf States, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Kansas, Ohio and most of the southeastern United States extending from northern Florida all the way into Massachusetts.

Source -- http://www.tigerhomes.org/animal/american-copperhead.cfm

Okay, that description of habitat does not exactly scream "New Jersey", but it is not completely inappropriate. Coyotes, Mustangs, Stallions . . . those sound out of place.

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To Call them the Sussex Chuck Norris's (or Norri) would be a recipe for disaster....in a sense you would have 9 Chuck Norris's in one place at one time...the sheer awesomness of which would cause the earth to implode in on itself.

How could you possibly contain this as a mascot:


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Elmira lost their team? First my Bangor Lumberjacks, now one of the most storied names in minor league baseball.


The chief export of Chuck Norris is overhyped internet cliches.

I've met him. He's actually not a very big guy. However, he could kick my ass, so maybe he should be referred to as "The Bite-Sized Terror".

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I've met him.  He's actually not a very big guy.  However, he could kick my ass, so maybe he should be referred to as "The Bite-Sized Terror".

Most action movie heroes aren't. I met Schwarzenegger, and he's not even 6 feet tall. Kinda disappointing.

Speaking of kinda disappointing... Skyhawks? Not terrible, not great. I know for the non-New Jersyites out there, corn comes from Iowa and Nebraska. Except it grows all over New Jersey, and it's actually very good summer corn. I hear Skyhawks, I think of a failed football team in a failed football league with 2 different, yet equally wretched, color schemes... :rolleyes:

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