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Super Bowl XL


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Alright Super Bowl XL is set. The Seattle Seahawks versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. My guess will be that Seattle will be 3 point favorites but I think Pittsburgh will win the game. The AFC was so strong this year that their 6 seed will beat the NFC's 1 seed.

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I pick Seattle. They were my origional pick to beat the Broncos but they are still my pick to beat the Steelers

Just remember they are a number 1 seed to Pittsburghs 6(not that that means anything after all the steelers did beatIndy)

They are playing in an NFC stadium

The NFC is 6-0 when the Super Bowl is on ABC

This is their first postseason meeting

Seattle is 8-6 against Pittsburgh

Since Pittsburgh is the designated home team Seattle is 2-5 at Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is 4-1 in the Super Bowl and is on a 1 game loosing streak in the Super Bowl

Seattle is making their first appearence in a Super Bowl

Pittsburgh is 3-14 in Detroit

Seattle is 1-2 in Detroit

Choose your picks wisely

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I'll be pulling for the Seahawks, i have nothing against Pittsburgh but Seattle is representing the NFC West so my allegience is with them. Hopefully the Rams will be back there in the not so distant future. Some are saying this is gonna be a snoozer of a Super Bowl but I honestly think its going to be a close game.

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Using whatifsports.com, I decided I'd do a quick 10 game simulation of the game.

The Home team is the Steelers, as the AFC champs will get HF this year.

Game 1: Seattle 24, Pittsburgh 14 (MVP: Hines Ward)

Game 2: Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 19 (MVP: Ben Roethlisberger)

Game 3: Seattle 33, Pittsburgh 6 (MVP: Matt Hasselback)

Game 4: Seattle 13, Pittsburgh 10 in OT (MVP: Hines Ward)

Game 5: Pittsburgh 13, Seattle 10 (MVP: Roethlisberger)

Game 6: Pittsburgh 27, Seattle 9 (MVP: Roethlisberger)

Game 7: Seattle 33, Pittsburgh 3 (MVP: Shaun Alexander)

Game 8: Seattle 23, Pittsburgh 19 (MVP: Hasselback)

Game 9: Pittsburgh 26, Seattle 10 (MVP: Roethlisberger)

Game 10: Pittsburgh 22, Seattle 14 (MVP: Hines Ward)

So, there is a 50-50 chance that one of the teams will win..... not very helpful.

But anyway, here's the MVP breakdown:

Hines Ward: 3

Big Ben: 4

Hasselback: 2

Shaun Alexander: 1

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Game 1: Seattle 24, Pittsburgh 14 (MVP: Hines Ward)

Is it possible for an MVP to come from the losing team?

I believe it's happened once...


Super Bowl V

Dallas LB Chuck Howley won the MVP...however, the Colts won the game thanks to a Jim O'Brien FG at the gun.

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I'm rooting for Pitssburgh, and I also think they'll win this one. Not in a blow out, but it won't be close like the New England Super Bowls we've been treated to lately. Roethlisberger has looked fantastic lately, while the running game hasn;t been its usually self. I see more of the same and for Ben to win MVP.

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Pittsburgh scored 4 touchdowns with 4 different players against Denver, 2 rushing and 2 passing (Wilson reception, Ward reception, Bettis rush, Big Ben rush)...they have a well-rounded offense that's going to be tough to defend against because they have so many different ways to score (also Randle El, Parker, Heath Miller). Plus the Pittsburgh defense is NASTY lately...just ask Mr. Manning how much fun he had against the Steelers.

Seattle = give the ball to Shaun Alexander...while he's a machine, Pittsburgh knows this and is going to force Hasslehof...er...Hassleback to throw more than he wants to.

Should be a great game...fingers crossed...Sports Illustrated: KEEP THE STEELERS OFF OF YOUR COVER, PLEASE!!!

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First I'd like to say I have very little interest in this matchup. This is about as bad as Super Bowls XXX & XXXV as far as having very little interest in the game.

As for the game, I've got Pittsburgh winning by a couple touchdowns and it never being real close ... kinda like Super Bowl XXXI, there will be scoring, but the game will never get exciting.

Steelers win. 38-24

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