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New home kits in EPL?


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Of all the new kits this season in the EPL, which do you guys think is the best looking and which one do you think is the most intimidating?



Arsenal's new kit I think is very classy and clean


However, I believe United's to be the most intimidating, that might have to do with their tradition as well

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I think Man U has the best home kits this season. Chelsea's black away kits are nice looking too. i like that they made the badge fir the rest of the uniform. Watford's home kits are rather ugly though. I think the unis they wore last year looked a lot better





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I'm biased, but I think that Arsenal has the best kits this season. :D

I thought Chelsea's look last year was sharp; this one is way too busy, and has way too much white.

Man U's look is okay, but I don't like the shield around the crest.

Liverpool - see Chelsea. Even Liverpool fans I know hate the new look.

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I really like Pompey's new home shirts. They have a nice clean, symetric design and the gold numbers look great. I can't really say if any home kit looks intimidating. Surprisingly, no one wears all black as thier primary home color.

I really hate the Adidas shirts (Chelsea, Liverpool, Newcastle). The three stripes on the sleeve are an eyesore and just take out any shirt creativity.

And what do you mean by "best branded"? The team that has the most classic look? If so, then Arsenal's Red with white sleeves would be my answer. I wonder what a white away shirt with red sleeves would look like?

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Arsenal: nice to be back in the traditional jerseys, even better that the kits look good. A.

Aston Villa: Not too bad, though I still like their kits from two years ago a lot. C+.

Blackburn: Same as last year, new sponsor, decent. B.

Bolton: same home, different away - improvement on last year though. B.

Charlton: I liked last year's better, not a fan of the white. C+

Chelski: At least it's cleaner than Liverpool. B.

Everton: look better on TV than in pictures, still B- for weird Umbro style.

Fulham: *vomits* I don't like the style, and last year's Pumas were particularly nice. D.

Liverpool: too bad home has the piping down the front; away unis look alright. B-.

Man city: the last two home strips are MUCH better; away is weird too. C.

Man United: Nike has hit a home run this year, and even the shield can't keep them down. A-.

Middlesbrough: MUCH nicer than last year, home and away. B+.

Newcastle: same home, new away that I kinda like. B+.

Portsmouth: like it a lot, away is improved too, gold numbers. B+.

Reading: LOVE it, though the away color is unique. A.

Sheffield Utd: Very solid kits. B+.

Spurs: as much as I hate to say it...not too bad. B+.

Watford: I actually liked last year's better for the Hornets, but these aren't too bad. B.

West Ham: Home is the same, don't like the away much. B-.

Wigan: I like last year's a bit better. B-.

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What do you think is the best branded franchise in the EPL?

Sorry I don't have an answer, but I can definitively tell you that English football clubs are not franchises.

MK Dons?

Weren't they granted a one-time exemption because of their bad circumstances in Wimbledon?

I think the FA said that would be the only time they'd allow franchising.

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