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Something's really been bothering me about the UTAH JAZZ...


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Welcome people.

Okay...first, let me explain what I'm talking about.

The Utah Jazz, for those who haven't seen it yet (and if you haven't, you've been under a rock or something), recently revamped their color palette, to become the latest "trendy team" with "trendy colors", abandoning their longtime purple and gold (and in some respects, green and white) palette in order to keep up with the joneses (read:OTHER TEAMS OUTSELLING THEM...SEE NUGGETS AND GRIZZLIES).


Now, don't get me wrong...I think the jersey style itself looks pretty solid. It's the COLORS that bug me.

The Jazz is the LAST team I'd think that would switch to blue-on-blue. Well--the sky blue I can see a precedent for, but the navy? FOR WHAT?

So I decided to leave the pen tool alone in Illustrator, crack open Photoshop, and set out to fix this "issue" of mine...

(I know I ain't the only one bugged by this "color scheme", either.)

Reagadless of what Paul Lukas and the PAP Coalition (People Against Purple) might think, purple has long been a predominant color synonymous with the Jazz, going back to their days in Nawlins. So why did they abandon it? Well...i revived it. The sky blue, like I said earlier, I could see--you know, cuz of...how does that line from "America the Beautiful" go?

"For purple mountain majesties..."

And oh lookie...don't the Jazz have purple mountains in their logo? Plus, Utah is close enogh to Colorado, who have their own purple-utilizing team named after said mountains (the Rockies, for the slow ones on the board ^_^ ), so there you go. And the sky? Last time I checked, it was a really light blue (when the sun's out). And so...that's what I went with. See below...and stay with me here, cuz you're about to see quite a bit.

The dark jersey...why not keep it purple? That color IS the Jazz. For effect and "pizzazz"...sky blue side panels, and white trim (cuz, you know, oftentimes mountains are snow-capped, plus that color is synonymous with clouds, is it not? they in the sky too!). The wordmark and numbers can remain sky-blue, as they are now. The home jerseys? Sure, they're white, with PURPLE wordmark and numbers (navy surname, though), PURPLE side panels, and sky blue piping/trim. That oh-so-nce Jazz alt? it's sky blue...offset by PURPLE though, with white trim/piping.

Take a look-see below and tell me if these don't look just a litle better:




Now, just to satisfy my own curiosity (along with a lot of other people's)...I decided to take this a step further and actually APPLY THIS to game photos, to give you the real effect. SO...I present to you all now, side-by-side sets of current set juxtaposed with revamped set. Enjoy!!!







So tell me whatchy'all think bout this here?!

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I think your on the money with this. I particularly like your updated home uniforms.

However, I dont see any real difference in the sky alternates though, besides a lighter shdae of sky itself. I think the shade of sky the Jazz are currently using is beautiful and should not be changed.

Also, what you should consider doing is swapping out the current fonts in favor of the team's old fonts used during the 90's and also on there alternate uniform, since this is the font found on there current logo. This current font the Jazz are using has absoloutely no place with this franchise. They should use what is on there logo.....as you can tell, this font issue bugs me the most about the Jazz.

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Fantastic. Now the only gripe I have is the bland wordmark on the home/road jerseys. If they managed to take the alt wordmark and put it on the home, and make one in the same style to read "Utah" on the road, they would be perfect.

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The good news: 1) The Jazz should always wear purple. Good job bringing that back :D

2) The photoshopping is a-freaking-mazing!

Now, the bad news: The light blue accents don't work with the purple. Try changing the light blue

collars to white for a really fresh look.

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Awesome! What I like is that with the purple it makes it so much more unique than the navy/light blue does. You can bet they wouldn't be able to keep these on the shelves for long. Great work.

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Those look spectacular. You clearly put alot of thought and work into this and your explanation, execution, and presentation show it. Well done (and I'm throwing you bonus props for using the word "juxtaposed")! Like most everyone has said earlier, the alt font is much better. But I realize you just wanted to change the color scheme and did just that. Fantastic work.

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