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Hockey Player Fired For Not Signing Flag


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Hockey player fired for not signing flag for troops

A Saint John Sea Dogs hockey player has been kicked off the team after he did not sign a Canadian flag to be sent to troops in Afghanistan.

Dave Bouchard, who played left wing on the Quebec Major Junior team, said he thought someone else had already signed his name.

But Sea Dogs coach Jacques Beaulieu does not accept that explanation and cut him from the team on the weekend.

"Morally, we have standards with this hockey team and that's a standard that we believe in," Beaulieu told CBC News Monday.

"I mean, if Dave doesn't believe in it, that's fine. But he won't be part of it. He won't be part of this organization. That's the standard that we set."

Beaulieu said he believes in freedom of expression but added that any player who refused to sign would have been kicked off the team.

"It wouldn't matter who it would have been. It could have been one of our best players, our first round pick."

Bouchard, 20, who last played for the Acadie-Bathurst Titan, has gone back to his hometown of Jonquiere, Q.C.

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one hand: if it's a team thing to do, then everyone should have participated. it's just his signature, they're not asking him go grab his gun and go.

other hand: if he doesn't want to sign because of an opinion about Iraq, he's free to do so. It sound from the story that his lame duck excuse is because he forgot or couldn't be bothered to. (arrogance maybe? that me throwing out words, I have no clue about who this man is)

It's very over the top IMO for something like this. I'm sure there is more to this story than is getting out about the how, what and why

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It doesn't even sound like he did it in protest, although "I thought someone already signed my name" speaks loudly about the authenticity about obtaining autographs through mail.

Even if he is an objector to the war, it's very possible to support the people over there without throwing your hat in with the reasons.

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