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NBA ALL-Star 08 Uniforms


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A few things:

- One team has to be dark. Unless somehow they're playing with two teams wearing white

- The name on the back is WAY too big

- The type is a bit too plain. I like simplicity, but this is borderline boring. I'd arch the "EAST" and "WEST", and probably choose a slightly more interesting font. I don't mind the number font, personally, but maybe spice it up

- Kind of an extension of my last point, but why not have some outlines on the numbers/names, even maybe some piping on the jersey?

- I don't know that I'd remove the logo from the back, but maybe put it where the piping ends on the collar on the back. Keep it up in the red/blue part at the top, and obviously, make it smaller

- I'd take the number off the front of the shorts, and actually put it on the opposite side of where you have the team logo.

- I'm not positive, but aren't these basically what they wore this year, as far as the striping goes?

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i pretty much agree with what has been said already. you need to cut from the template style and create something totally original, this is the all-star game for heck's sake. play off the imagery that new orleans gives you, fit the city into the jersey and the team identities. taking those things into account, this could be a fun concept, but you basically showed us nothing fun. this has inspired me to come up with logos and jerseys for the event, even though I am deep in my own work as it is. have some fun with this and be original.

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I think the Uni's should be the colors of the host city. Is the ASG for sure in N'awlins next year?

As for the concept, the names should be on top of the names, and there needs to be less logos on the jersey and shorts, also, Adidas does make the uniforms so it will probably have there trademark "3 lines" somewhere.

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does anyone see the NBA going with New Orleans color jerseys in this game...for example:

West: white or gold jersey with purple and teal accents

East: purple jersey with gold and teal accents

Since today is Mardi Gras, I'll fill you in with some info.

Purple, Green, and Gold are the official colors of mardi gras.




the three colors first appeared on a carnival flag at New Orleans' 1872 Mardi Gras.

The flag was designed for the visiting Grand Duke Alexis Romanoff of Russia.

Correct me if the info's wrong.

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