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Dodgers alternate cap


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There is a picture of Chan Ho Park kicking (I forget who) on the internet, the unfortunate part, he was batting.

Yea, he Was Kung Fu-ing an Angel

Ironically, it was former Dodger Tim Belcher.


god i miss those angels unis. perfection.

Perfectly ugly. If you're gonna have a vest-style jersey, at least make sure it's a real vest.

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Oh man, that's ugly.

Looking for a picture of them wearing it in the field now.

The worst thing about those hats was the material on the bill. it was a spendex-like fabric that gave it its metallic shine. thank god those NewsCorp days are gone. it was the dark ages for dodgers baseball and set us back about ten years. if they ran their news channel like they did the dodgers, it'd be awful piece of shi-....wait....it is.

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