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Canada Soccer Concept


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So this is my first real concept in a while - I was trying to go for something iconic of Canada, rather than just doing a maple leaf. I tend to associate moose with Canada, so I went with that image. Since it is Canada, I wanted to bring in the maple leaf in a more unique way. For this, I turned to the Royal Coat of Arms of Canada, which features three maple leafs joined together - this is also featured on the provincial flag of Ontario. Anyway, I'd love to hear what you guys think!


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This is awesome gordie. It's unique, different but still looks like Canada. I also like how you didn't go too modern with the styling and instead chose to stay traditional with a simple font, layout and colours. I really like the shade of light beige/metallic gold that you used and how it works very nicely with the crimson.

How about some kits to go with? :D:flagcanada:

Edit: Did I mention I really, really like this logo? Seriously man, words can't comprehend what I'm feeling right now. What a beautiful, well thought out design.

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Excellent work as always. A part of me really wants to embrace this concept, but there are a few things that just aren't sitting right with me.

Positive points:

I like the whole idea of the concept with the moose and maple leafs. Also the shield is well done. The darkened crimson instead of the normal canadian red is a nice change. For the most part, the layout is well executed.

Negative points: (sorry for the lack of cohesion, it's been a long night)

Without the little soccer ball at the bottom of the logo, I would have difficulty knowing this was a soccer badge. The leaves stems may be too long, so enlarging the ball to cover them would be acceptable in my mind. The moose screams Livetrace to me. (Maybe a little shadowing would help?) Also, the CANADA script seems a little slapped in there. If you could make it a more "natural" part of the design, it would make the whole concept better.

These negatives aren't really negatives at all in this concept, just things I think can be fixed that would make the concept better.

I'm still on the fence about the gold, but it's starting to grow on me...

Hope you find that helpful. Take care.


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GFB, I appreciate the frankness of your comments, and I can see what you're saying. I didn't intend for the script to look slapped on there, and I took some care into the arrangement of the text, but I'll keep working at it. As for the moose, it's not a live trace, but it is referenced from a photo. I'm hesitant to work in shading on the moose, because I think it would loose the seamless-ness with the horizon line. I deliberately wanted a silhouette of a moose to maintain simplicity in the design - not sure how to fix that at the moment. And I think I could make the ball at the bottom a bit bigger without losing the maple leafs. thanks!

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I like it. It reminds me of Californias flag a bit. I'm not crazy about the shape of the crest, but thats personal preference. it seems to be shape seen a lot. not enough circular badges in my opinion. I do like the moose, but the antlers could be toned down a bit. I love the maple leaves and would like to see them a bit more prominent in the design. overall its really great. it has a good forest service feel to it. i had an "oregon lookouts" concept that used ranger badges as inspiration. you might get some ideas from that angle (mounties, forest service, nat'l parks, etc.). great work as always.

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That's F'n solid...cept in Canada...we're all about the beaver. Moose? Not so much.

The only problem is every country is about the beaver......Don't you know soccer is just like a nightclub. 11 guys fighting 11 other guys to put the ball in the goal without being blocked by the goalie.

In night club language: 11 guys fighting 11 guys to score with a chick without being cockblocked.

When you break down all sports except tennis (that is just arguing back and forth) they are all like this.

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Brian, you continue to amaze me. This is a very, very good looking kit. The addition of the gold is very fitting, and I think the Moose is very iconic.

Great work, my friend. I wish they'd use these instead of what they have.

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Really like the kits, but shouldn't it say Canada across the front instead of the number? I'm thinking the same font that you used in the logo, same colours and outline on the numbers but have the text straight across instead of arched.

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Now that IS a real Canadian look, he?

Love the colour scheme, all the details of the uniform.

On the Crest side, I would try to shy away from the moose.

While Iconic, a little too stereotypical. (loons are iconic, so is the beer bottle on the arm of the Adirondack Chair...)

Where is Soccer being played in this country? By whom?

Hardly in the woods of Muskoka by 5th generation Coureur-des-bois... (you get the point...)

I would be curious to see the same crest concept with a lesser white sky proportion (maybe even without the Moose, I'd consider a flying loon over a sun shape...) and much larger Leaves/Ball Logo.

Speaking of the logo, I absolutely love every element of it. (especially the shading of the ball)

Maybe once again playing with proportions (larger ball, smaller leaves...(or should I say: Bigger Balls, smaller bush?)

This is an OUTSTANDING concept... :shocked:

I'll sponsor your citizenship application... :flagcanada:

P.s.: Hopefully the rest of the country wouldn't recognize the inspiration for the 3-leaf logo, because as you may know, nothing unites this country more than the hatred for Toronto...


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Something isn't sitting quite right with me about the red you've chosen to go with. Seems a bit too purpley, too Cavaliers-wine for Canada. Most of our national teams tend to go with something brighter and more distinctly red, somewhere around a Pantone 186. Plus, even though the Nike kits look fantastic, the CSA has a contract with Adidas.

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Glenn, I know Canada has a contract with adidas, but the new adidas templates SUCK. So since this is a concept anyway, I went with Nike. Much classier kits for a classier (IMO) design.

Oh yeah, totally agree. Just pointing that out for accuracy's sake. The Nike kits are much classier, for sure.

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Very nice concept. Like officeglenn said the red should be more "red." I would use the red that the Flags of the World site uses for Canada, they're usually pretty good when it comes to the official shades of a country's colours.


As for the crest, it looks solid, but I would replace the the moose with either a beaver (the national animal) or a lion (a British heraldic element used in Canadian heraldry and symbolism).





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I really like the concept... blows away the current logo! And I disagree with whoever said above that if you looked at that badge you couldn't classify it as a soccer logo. If you look at all the other National logos or club logos around the world, they rarely put a soccer ball in the logo.

For example... Portugal's






I think the size and positioning of the soccer ball is good. Other logos that do incorporate the ball like Mexico have it at the bottom and its not too large.

Good work... and I love the addition of the goldish colour... awesome!

EDITED to add...

Also to the guy above that mentioned it should say Canada across the chest... again don't do it... I don't think I have ever seen this done at the national level. Kits only have the crest, sponsor and number on the front. And the back of the jersey the name and number and some teams add a little design where the maple leaf is... like Portugal again has a different version of a cross in that spot.

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