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Discrimibattle xi voting


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it's been all star january, and it's been fun.  i'll spoil the suspense for what i got cooked up next and reveal the next battle: Kentucky football, as they are supposedly getting new uniforms.  but that's next week, this is this week, let's vote!  it's as usual, your three favorites, 1st gets 3 pts, 2nd 2, and 3rd 1.

joel_fiasco: 2004 MLB All Star Game @ Detroit

field uniforms logo

GMS1122: 2004 NBA All Star Game @ Detroit

logo uniforms court

rheistad: Swedish Elite League vs NHL

the whole shebang

mjrbaseball: CanAm Bowl @ Toronto

logo NFL uniform CFL uniform field

Roger Clemente: NHL All Star Game @ Dallas

logo East uniforms West Uniform center ice

Ramirez#24: 2007 NHL All Star Game @ The Garden

logo uniforms rink

here are the iron chefs, the invincible men of culinary skill...plop, wrong show...anyways, you can figure all of these took a while to do, and as a result all are very well done.  so w/o further ado, voting begins now.

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when does the voting end?

so far, at least by my tally, here's the standings:

1. GMS1122 (23 points, 5 first place votes)

1. joel-fiasco (23 points, 3 first place votes)

3. roger clemente (13 points, 1 first place vote)

4. Ramirez #24 (9 points, 2 first place votes)

5. mjrbaseball (6 points, 2 first place votes)

6. rheistad (4 points)

looks like there's a helluva competition for first place.

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[kanyewest] RIGHT DOWN TO THE WIRE! [/kanyewest]

:laugh: my first contest win if i pull it out

heres the first place race as of now

GMS1122: (28 pts, 6 1st place votes)

joel_fiasco: (27 pts, 4 1st place votes)

it would be my first win too.....someone else, please vote....the suspense is killing me.

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