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Feb. 2004 webdav identity & naming challenge


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Well guys, it's that time again. The new, renamed, Webdav Identity & Naming (WIN) Challenge.

WIN Challenge : February 2004

In order to be able to make this WIN Challenge the easiest to judge and easier on me to host, these are the rules.

I have posted a template (http://www.circuitbox.com/contest/winctemplate.ai) to put your designs into. This template will have a place for team name as well as blanks spaces for: primary logo, secondary logo, tertiary logo, primary wordmark, secondary wordmark, lettermark. It will also have spaces for uniforms (home/away/alternate.) There will be no entries accepted that are not sent as Illustrator files, in the template. Zero, none, nada. No gifs. No jpgs. Why? It makes my life easier and they scale better for insertion into the website, which makes YOUR WORK look better. Please email your final concepts to me at win-at-circuitbox-dot-com. In your email, use the subject line "WIN Challenge: February 2004 Entry" and use the body to explain why you chose the colors and name you chose. Do research, give us a history lesson on the city and pick an appropriate name!

This is a contest about doing research on an area, picking a good name and making a good logo for it. This is meant to inspire creativity while giving everyone a chance to show of professional skills. That is why this contest was started.

Since we only have 10 slots for a poll, only 10 entries will be accepted. I don't want to put a time limit on people because this is intended to be a contest where people will tweak and make logos better until they are the best they can be. So I will select the 10 I feel are the best of the entries we get to be in the poll. I will show the others, and if people think i'm way off in my judgement, I'll consider changing the poll.

Brief rules summary of the rules: Only the 10 best entries (in my opinion) sent as Illustrator files in the template I set up will be accepted. If you don't have Illustrator - find someone to help you put your stuff into Illustrator format.

OK, now the moment you've been waiting for:

The February 2004 WIN Challenge: Brooklyn, NY NBA Basketball. In the news recently, the Nets will probably be moving to Brooklyn. Will they change their name? Probably not. But we can dream up a new one for them!

Also, with the new name, I'd like to introduce Greg Malek's work - the WIN Challenge logo! A great system that can be modified for each sport and city combination. The particular month's logo will be provided to the winner to show off in their sig!


Have fun!!

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I tell you what...

Since there are a lot of people who are being shut out of this competition because they don't have the appropriate software, I'd like to volunteer my services to vectorize the logos/entries of anyone who does not have Illustrator. NOTE: This does not mean I'll *create* a logo for you; you have to develop every aspect of the contest on your own. I'm merely offering to vectorize your entries for you.

This is not saying anything against webdav, as he has every right to run the contest as he sees fit. I'd just like everyone to have the opportunity to participate.

At a later date, I'll let you know how to go about getting me your entries once they are ready to be vectorized. Until then, get cracking! I want to see some good competition!

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wow. Nitro, bravo, man. Very VERY cool of you to volunteer your efforts. I hope you don't get abused on this one.

Guys, only send your stuff to nitro if you really, truely think that you can win it. Don't just send your crap to him.

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paynomind: Thanks for the kind words, but I want people to send me whatever they want to enter. I don't want people to feel like it has to be some out-of-this-world design to be worthy of my time. I'll say this: everyone should try their best; that should go without saying. But I won't discriminate as far as what I think is "good" or not.
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Well this certainly sucks for all of us without Illustrator. You probably would have got tons more entries if you just let anything go. Anyways, best of luck to all who enter!

Yes, I would get more entries. But I want quality entries, not quantity of entries.

This Challenge got started as a way for the members of this board to learn about professional design, and professional designers use Illustrator for the most part. Sure, some use Corel, some use Freehand, but both of those products can read and write Illustrator files.

Many of the talented but not yet polished designers on this board are students, and can get Illustrator at student prices (and should!) There is a lot of talent on this board. And I'm not just talking about those who are already professional designers. I'm talking about raw talent, and that's what I hope to encourage to become more polished with this contest.

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maybe i missed it somewhere but is the deadline just the 28th?


No deadline yet. I would say take your time. Make your best design ever. Don't rush it, just get the best idea and keep polishing it until it's a jewel.

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