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First post! Been lurking for a while; finally joined today.

Since "pittunited" has been my web handle for the longest time, I wanted to jump in with:

Pittsburgh United FC -- "the Blades"

Kit colors: Black and gold, baby!

Sponsor: Iron City Beer

I left the kit design at work... oops. Will post tomorrow.


OWNER -- Pittsburgh Spiders (UL) * Dynamo Missouri (PLA) * Montreal Maroons (SHL)

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I've got New Orleans coming--

probably use Hibernia Bank, Entergy (our 2 home based Fortune 500 companies) as sponsors. Or maybe Tabasco........

All three have strong possibilities... B)

It is what it is.

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I hope no one minds if NY has a second team, I just love this name and want to use it:

Gotham FC -- Logo looks a lot like Valencia (Spanish League) with the bat over a

shield. Of course the sponser is either DC Comics or Warner Bros


Kit: Black jersey with silver/white trim

Black shorts

Black socks

2nd Kit: White jersey with black trim

White shorts with black trim

White socks

If NY not available I might work on ideas for other cities:

AC DC (Washington)

Crescent City (New Orleans)

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What Tank said. Outstanding work!

Presumably that's the font used for teams in the Premier League. Is that an available TrueType font?

Buy some t-shirts and stuff at KJ Shop!

KJ BrandedBehance portfolio


POTD 2013-08-22

On 7/14/2012 at 2:20 AM, tajmccall said:

When it comes to style, ya'll really should listen to Kev.

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Here is my uniform & logo for Boston United Football Club


yes, that is a city scape coming up from the bottom of the jersey, similar to Man. Utd's older style.

Illustrator muddied things up a bit when exporting to gif, but everything is still visible.

Back-to-Back Fatal Forty Champion 2015 & 2016

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Tank & Mockba: Thanks for the kind words. :notworthy:

I did kinda have those Steeler jerseys in mind when I made these... That, and teams like Newcastle and Bradford over in England. (The home shirt really is kind of a cross between those, isn't it?)

The font I used is an Optima rip-off, but it gets the job done... If you want the whole family, e-mail me and I'll sent you the .zip file.

Waffles, your Atlanta kit rocks my socks.


OWNER -- Pittsburgh Spiders (UL) * Dynamo Missouri (PLA) * Montreal Maroons (SHL)

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i was so happy so see this thread as my designs are all based on the football template. however, my computer crashed and i havn't reinstalled illustrator yet, so i'll have to just post a kit i came up with for my high school.

the template is modified by me from roger clemente's hockey template.

la jolla high school vikings

copy and paste

btw, la jolla is located in san diego. and the kit is based on the real madrid/ac milan design by adidas.

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ok, I give you the Satanic Sea Lions of San Francisco:

The Golden Gate Football Club




my reasons for my choice of identity:

colors are 49ers cardinal, Sharks deep pacific teal, Giants orange, and process black (which all three teams utilize)

shield idea is reminiscent of old 49ers logo

golden gate bridge tower placements idea is from Giants 2002 NL Champions logo

EA Sports, the sponsor, is based out of nearby Redwood City, California

Ive added a motto "determined" in tradition of some european clubs (aston villa has "prepared" on thier badge, glascow rangers have "ready" on thiers)

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