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1996 USA World Cup hockey jersey re-customizing


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I was able to get a rare 1996 USA hockey blue road jersey. I don't think these were ever sold at retail. The one I'm expecting is a size 54 with a fight strap.


So here's the problem. John LeClair wore #10 during the World Cup and Amonte wore #11.

Something has to change here. I can change the nameplate and make it into a LeClair. I don't think changing it into a #11 jersey is going to be workable beacuse of the spacing between the digits. Either everything is going to be shifted too far right if I leave the proper amount of spacing between the digits or notably spaced to far apart if the digits are centered on the jersey. Hopefully you can picture that.

Now, looking over the roster I do seem to have other choices. I could change it into another number in the teens, like #15 Hull, #16 Lafontaine or perhaps #17 Tkachuk. Both 15 and 16 would cover nearly any evidence of the original "0" that would be removed and would not affect the centering and spacing of the numbering. There wouldn't be any issues with changing names as long as the new nameplate is the proper length to hide evidence of the old one regardless of the name chosen.

Amonte did score the game winning goal in the deciding game, but was wearing white at the time. Hull (11 pts), followed by LeClair (10 pts) were the two leading scorers for the USA in the tournament.

I'm hesitant to go much farther than that in stripping it. I'd love to consider a Richter #35, but fear evidence of the original numbers being visible.

So, those are my choices it seems

#10 LeClair

#11 Amonte

#15 Hull

#16 Lafontaine

or possibly

#17 Tkachuk "A"

#35 Richter if stripping it went perfectly.


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I'd rather risk tinkering with the name plate than risk damaging the jersey trying to remove 3 digits.

I agree with Neon. This is a rare jersey (I actually have a student in my class with a 1996 team canada jersey in youth size, very nice) and I wouldn't risk :censored:ing it up to change the numbers around.

If you are going to mess with the cresting, change the nameplate. If it were a blank jersey, I would say LaFontaine. Don't ruin your beautiful jersey. Switch it to LeClair and enjoy your find man

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I know this thread is mighty old, but I was actually just doing a Google search for one of these '96 USA jerseys, and this thread was one of the first links. Getting a '96 World Cup Amonte or LeClair jersey, preferably in white, is definitely on the top of my list of jerseys I MUST own! I periodically search ebay for any '96 USA jersey, because I'd settle for another player, but I've had about zero luck. The only one I've come across is a white Roenick jersey, which I would normally love, because Roenick is one of my all time favorites, but any good American hockey fan knows J.R. wasn't on that team, so I couldn't pull the trigger. Amonte would be my first choice, because of his tourney winning goal, but LeClair is a close 2nd, because he was a great Flyer, and had a great tourney.

So, I've got two questions. One, does anybody have any advice, other than scouring ebay as much as possible, on how to get my hands on one of these jerseys? And two, what name/number did you choose, and how did the jersey come out for you? While I'd prefer getting one of the white jerseys because that's what they wore during the 3 game series with Canada, I actually like that blue jersey better aesthetically, so that is one sweet jersey you own my friend!


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