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Concept: Tampa Bay Devil Rays Color Change


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I've been playing with my Crayolas again...here's an idea to make the Devil Rays' colors a bit better on the eyes:



...and, here's what I'm a-thinkin':



To me, the current colors are three dark colors, without a lot of contrast. This new look would not only give them an even more unique design, but look better in my opinion. What's yours?

(I used Process Black C, Process Blue C and 349 C for those of you who care)

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I was thinking something along the same lines the other day, but that blue looks a little too neon for me. Maybe something closer to the 90's Angels periwinkle. A definite improvement over the real look. The similar colors always bugged me.

dbacks.gif mariners.gif
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Here's a couple more tries:

This uses the old Anaheim Angels Periwinkle - I also changed the Green a bit to work better with the Periwinkle:


-- Process Black C, 2718 C, and 343 C --

...and this one uses a darker, but still lighter-than-the-current Blue:


-- Process Black C, 285 C, and 349 C --

I think I like this last one the best out of all of them.

This is all I can really do in Illustrator...change colors of objects.

Whoopee for me.


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I like this. Super Idea to spruce up the colors. You are absolutely right, their colors are all the same (tone? Darkness? Volume? something...)

I like the blue you selected, but I kind think a darker green, maybe halfway between what hey had (almost black) and what you have would be a great look.

I would be careful not to have the light blue be the same lightness as the green, which you are kinda getting close to in the most recent attempt.

Great idea, Pantone-tony-toni

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the first proposal makes a lot of sense to me. it talks to me, it grabs me, and it locks me in a closet and burns my house :D


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Here's the current Rays wordmark using the Process Black, 285 and 349:


I think the first concept (with the Process Blue) makes this wordmark look too light. To me, the 285 is a better contrast. But what do I know...

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Here's the wordmark with the Process Blue:


...and again, for comparison's sake, here's the current one:


For fun, here's the original one:


I've been told, that the gradient is really a mess to duplicate in fabric, thread and twill, so that was behind the change in the first place.

The owner was told that the gradient was a bad idea, but he ignored the advice.

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I know the Marlins have vertually dropped orange from their identity, but what about adding it into the Devil Rays design somehow as an outlining color? Burnt orange or something? Sunshine state, Tropicana Field, Oranges, you know?

In the Logo:

Change green to 349, blue in the oval is the same as the original. White outline of the oval becomes 158, outline of the words and blue in the Ray becomes 285.

What do you think? Perhaps just keep the outline of the oval white?

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