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Gold Coast United


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I look at it, and am instantly reminded of fast-food fish. This may mean nothing to Aussies, but that badge has a definite Long John Silver's vibe running through that cavalcade of suck.

When was the last time we saw a decent logo come from any of Australia's top-tier leagues? What are you all doing down there?

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I'm with those who were turned off by the skewed crest. I can tolerate the image inside the badge (I didn't say I like it), but I see no reason for the badge to be skewed. If they keep this crest for any length of time, future critics will instantly recognize it from the late 2000's. Much like early 90's logos are instantly associated with their era.

Why don't teams strive for logos that transcend the era in which they were created?

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I agree with the comment about the fast food (US) feel it has, now that it's mentioned.

The font on its own is not bad...but it's not good enough to represent a sports team at this level.

And when I look at this logo, I see two things first: a shark fin coming out of the landscape, and one or two "S" shapes in the ocean. So they're the Gold Coast United SS Sharks. Interesting.

I know I'm wrong on all that...it's just that those are the first things my mind jumps to.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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