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Owens to wear 81 for Bills

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After much speculation the Buffalo Bills confirmed on Thursday that their newest wide receiver will wear the same number he always has for his 13 NFL seasons. Terrell Owens, thanks to second-year wideout James Hardy, will don number 81 for the Bills in 2009.

Hardy wore jersey number 81 as a rookie for Buffalo in 2008, but had worn number 82 in college at Indiana University. The Bills announced that Hardy will wear jersey number 84 in 2009.

The club also announced jersey numbers for three of their other recent acquisitions.

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick will wear number 14.

Cornerback Drayton Florence will wear number 21.

Center Geoff Hangartner will wear number 63.


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That Bills website looks extremely sub-par.

Haha look at the pictures at the top of the screen, they are terrible quality.

Also, not too big of a surprise for TO, nice of the other guy to give his number up though

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I remember when he came to the Eagles, Billy McMullen was already #81. He didn't find out he was being forced to change to #80 until he looked at the team's website that day and saw that they were selling Owens #81 jerseys. He then looked at the roster page, and saw that he was re-assigned #80.

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So apparently the Bills are status quo uniform-wise next season? :mad:

I think it's interesting that the Bills' site header has all of the uniforms except for their current one. I hope that means it's going away.

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