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chestnutz "futbol" concepts


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Some of you may remember my past United States men's soccer concept. The crest was very simple, and I don't recall doing kits.

Well this time, it's a'gonna be a'bit different. I LOVE the whole Nike "Don't Tread on Me" campaign, and, as everyone else does, I think those red blue-white sash kits were by far the best in our nation's history. But just using those kits as others have done in concepts before me wouldn't be original at all.

I did, however, take the gadsin flag snake rendered by Nike, and used it as the centerpiece for the crest. I changed the soccer ball from the classic looking one to a modern one, a decision I'm not sure I like but I'll let you guys be the judge. Around that is a simple looking crest, banner, thin white stripes, and 13 stars. I've included two options, one that focuses on silver more, and another that focuses on navy. I used the navy one for the kits.

Onto the kits...The one thing I did take from those DTOM kits was the r ed jersey/blue shorts/red sock combo. I think it represents our country way better than the non-unique white jersey/blue shorts and slate gray jersey/shorts. To go with the crest design, thin white vertical stripes fill the jersey (as opposed to horizontal ones they use now), with a more modern-block number font. The socks have USA on them, and the shorts have just the snake logo. On the back of the collar is the "DON'T TREAD ON ME" motto.

For the clash, I decided white pinstripes would be overkill, so I opted for a simple, iconic combination of blue-white-red, another one of my favorites.

Have at it!



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These are fantastic, I love the little details like the "Don't Tread on Me" on the collar and the piping on the shorts.

The logo is as good, if not better. I love the snake logo and stars, perfect.

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I love the crest but I think that the silver is not needed, I like the navy crest better and I think that going with the navy in the ball would work too. The home kit is pure class, simply fantastic. The clash seems a bit off to me though, not sure what it is but I'm not loving it as much as the home, maybe try a different colour of socks or shorts. Like a blue shirt, blue shorts, white socks. Or blue shirt, white shorts, white socks. But something about the red socks on the clash makes it look strange. Overall this is a great concept, just what the states should go with.

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A lot of people I know didn't care for the vertical pinstriped blue kit that was unveiled a while back. So I'm not sure how well the primary will be received, but I like it a lot. I can't think of another national side that routinely uses pinstripes on their shirt, and being unique is one of the characteristics I look for in a great kit design. The clash kit is very classy as well.

I like your take on the DTOM crest, but for some reason, I don't like the "wings" created by the ends of the wordmark ribbon. I don't have a specific suggestion as to what would make that any better, but I think it would look better as a self-contained shield.

Excellent concept.

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As a proponent of incorporating the DTOM snake in the crest, I love yours. I think you should use a darker shade of gray however. Also, switch the clash and primary (England is Red, the US should be either navy or white IMO).

Overall fantastic job, though. I really love this.

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I like the navy crest better than the gray one. The gray just doesn't fit in witht he rest of the crest. The home kit is beautiful. Simple and classic. But for the away kit, I would make the socks either white or blue. The red is throwing it off a little. Great job Chestnut.

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Love the crest, much better than what the USMNT has now. I really like the clash kit, but I'm not a big fan of the primary. Just don't care for the pinstripes I guess. Also, I think I'd prefer the roles of the jerseys be flipped, with the blue being the primary and the red being the clash.

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I really like the Home shirt.

Just thinking if a design which more or less copies the flag on a shirt would be feasable (same amount of stripes and stars)

You might wanna give it a try.

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Love it. Id make the numbers on the primary white, though. Blue is too hard to read.

Otherwise, if they were real, id buy a red one in a heartbeat.

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Amazing. Love the crest and the clash kit. I'm a huge fan of the "Don't tread on me" thing. The only thing I'm not feeling is the primary, but that is just my subjective opinion...its still very well executed, although I would take Maz's suggestion on the numbers. Maybe white outlined in blue?

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Update #2 - much bigger update

-Crest stays the same

-Put the whole thing on a new template (which I love, by the way)

-Went to a more modern collar, triangular shaped

-Below the collar on the back is something many countries have been using, a kind of flag design


-New shorts design, inspired by Missouri's football uniforms

-Same design on the socks


-Completely new kit here, white on white

-Used pinstripes, but half as many

-Inspired by their current home kit

-Pinstripe design follows on the side of the shorts

-Same for socks, only blue base

Hoping to get some more comments, thanks for the feedback everyone!


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Alright, overall I think this is update is a downgrade. I haven't commented on this at all before so let me back up a bit.

First, I love the primary. But, there are a few small things which could make it better. The main thing is that the ribbon is arched way too much. I think that should be straighter and that the "UNITED STATES" script should be a little bigger. Also, there is grey in the soccer ball but none anywhere else. I think this would work fine as navy or even red.

On the uniforms, I HATE how the pinstripes just stop and create a huge implied rectangle around the numbers/name. It looks like you took a raster image of the whole Name/# with a solid back and pasted on a blank pinstriped jersey. Okay, they have to end somewhere, but PLEASE make them closer, just do something, anything.

That said, lose the pinstripes on the away/"clash"/whatever it is called. I personally like the blue, but white would work too I guess. Just lose the pinstripes and make the pants blue. I love how in soccer you can make the second jersey a completely different design from the first and I think you should do this, but make it white on blue. Also, the tri-color design thing on both uniforms, honestly, looks like pointless clutter. It doesn't fit with anything else and takes away from the rest of the designs.

On the homes, I actually love the shorts design and I love it on the socks. I think it could work somehow on the jersey, be it on the side panels or collar or cuffs or something.

Overall, I think you have a great concept here, man. Keep going with it.

I don't know, it's something about US National team concepts just gets me. I love seeing them, in all sports, and in soccer it seems like every concept we see is amazing. It just feels like the combo of red and blue, used so often in sports, feels so... right in USA National concepts, with the USA identity and all the accents and elegance that can be added. I can't really explain it, but I just can't get enough USA around here. :)

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