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W.i.n. Challenge: Feb 04 Winner


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I would like to announce the winner of the W.I.N. Challenge February 2004: Brooklyn NBA:

Rozilla74 with his entry the Brooklyn Royals!


Thanks to all who participated! Hope everyone had fun and learned something in the process!

New contest coming soon... it should be very interesting!!

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Thanks to all that voted for mine and the other worthy entrants. Looks like this was a very successful W.I.N. challenge. This was definitely challenging. i look forward to the next one, if I have the alloted time to enter.

I'd also like to retain Brian in Boston to be my lawyer in any future naming disputes :)

Congrats to all entrants and thanks WebDav for hosting.

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Excellent job, Rozilla. A title well earned, even if you have chosen a non-attorney to represent you in future naming disputes. :P

Just hope he doesn't charge by the word. :D

I keed, I keed.

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congrats rozilla, great concept!

i wanna know who did em all too

Proud owner of the Utah Pioneers of the Continnental Baseball League.



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Congrats to everyone! I only managed the one vote I gave myself for the Coasters design. If anyone has feedback on that one i would appriciate it...


FANTASY SPORTS: UBA (NBA): New York Scrapers | CL (MLB): St Pete Beach Clippers

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Evan = Fusion

Hrivnak = Ironclads

jimp = Chiefs

lightbluenc = Brigade

NESI427 = Coasters

Rozilla74 = Royals

shiznit1083 = Bishops

Trich11 = Aces

vicfurth (vectorized by Nitroseed) = Heros

WhChoclte = Heights

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I was the guy behind the cheesy Bishops design.

Hey, that's the one I voted for. I thought it was pretty cool. I think my design would've won any other contest but this one. It was hard, especially since the bar is set so high. Every last entry was sweet-awesome. I'm actually a little surprised that I got two votes.


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