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"Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" Logo Unveiled.


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The countdown is on! 30/31 days until my DVR might not be able to keep up. Conan and Dave is gonna be rough for it, even though, I can with U-Verse. It's gonna be great to se C O'B hosting again. That was a long layoff between wrap ups and debuts.

This logo/wordmark is perfect for the new venture for Conan. Harkens back to "Late Night" and heads toward "Tonight." As far as the moon goes, look up to the sky. Can you tell where the depth or rotation or anything is?

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Hmmm....love Conan. Love Conan taking over the Tonight Show. Don't love the logo. Don't know why, just something isn't sitting right. I do like that it pays homage to Late Night and previous Tonight Shows, but I don't know....

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