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Richmond Eastern League team's Name-the-Team Contest


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The choices are:

Richmond Rock Hoppers

Richmond Rhinos

Richmond Flatheads

Richmond Flying Squirrels

Richmond Hambones

Voting continues until October 11, with the winning name to be announced October 16.

Personally, I've LOVED rhinos for the longest time...If that's picked as the nickname, I WILL BUY ONE OF EVERY BIT OF MERCHANDISE THEY'VE GOT!

What are your opinions, though?


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(Trying to convince myself that this is just an exercise to generate new/qualified names for the sales database...and not to hand over the single most important aspect of the team brand to the community at large...trying, trying, trying....)

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Out of the 5, Rhinos is the best. If they're looking for a "minor league" name, Hambones or Flying Squirrels would do.

Out of curiosity, but is there any local significance to any of the names?

Hambones: Virginia is known for cured ham, a traditional local specialty for nigh on four centuries.

Flying Squirrels: I'm not sure if this is widely known, but there are actually a lot of flying squirrels in the Richmond area.

Flatheads: A variety of catfish found in Virginia's freshwater rivers.

As for Rock Hoppers, I have no clue. Isn't that a species of penguin? Little known fact: penguins are not native to the Commonwealth of Virginia. And Rhinos seems to be just sort of a generically alliterative team name.

I'd prefer to go with the whole ham thing, but Hambones just doesn't scan. Hams, sure, or Hamhocks, or Ham Hawks, or even Ham Fighters, but given the options I think I have to vote for Rhinos.

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The only one I like is Flatheads. Hambones sounds too much like the Montogmery Biscuits.

MMMM Hambones and Biscuits... :D


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um, wow

I thought my names were bad, I went for resistance, Rail Kings, Colts (old team name) & Battalion.

With that said, either flat heads or Rhinos

Oooh, Colts. Great name for a Richmond team, even without knowing of its history with a former team. I wish your suggestion had made the list!

Personally, I would have gone for something more like the Riders, Stonewalls, or Generals. Not Rebels; something that references the Civil War history but doesn't necessarily choose sides. (Stonewalls is an exception, but it's such a great name that I can't resist, even if I'm personally as strongly anti-Confederacy as you'll find.)

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I'm a Richmonder, and here's the scoop on the five finalist names for our new AA team that is relocating from Connecticut (they were the Defenders).

Flatheads: a kind of catfish commonly found in the James River.

Flying Squirrels: they're everywhere here in Virginia.

Hambones: paying homage to Virginia ham, which is a famous and popular delicacy in the Commonwealth.

Rock Hoppers: Where the James River runs through downtown Richmond, there are a tremendous number of huge rocks that can be used by people to navigate across the water.

Rhinos: alliteration featuring a powerful image; otherwise, the rhino means nothing locally.

The team *WILL* play at the Diamond (which is NOT located at VCU, but the VCU Rams do play there), which seats 12,000 and is a dump. The stadium is the primary reason why the AAA Richmond Braves left town for Gwinnett County, Georgia last year. The new team's ownership is claiming that they'll sink $1.5 million into upgrades, but what really needs to happen is that the stadium needs to be leveled and a new one built either at the same location, or ideally downtown on the riverfront. If the past is any guide, neither of these things will happen and our new AA tenant will be gone after their 2-year commitment is up.

Personally, I'd vote for Rock Hoppers first, Flatheads second, and Rhinos third.

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Good news from CNBC's Darren Rovell: Plan B. will be handling the design.


That is excellent news for the organization. Anyone Plan B works with is very successful. This might be a sign that the front office is taking things seriously.

This is great news, getting baseball back here has been awesome, I gotta get tickets for the home opener.


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Impressed they're going with Plan B. That's about it.

If I have to pick, I'd say Hambones. (Good suggestion on Ham Hawks, btw...genius.)

Runner up is Flatheads, simply because I do support catfish-themed names...but yeah, it doesn't sound as solid to me.


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Preds & Avs.

Braves, Rays, & Dodgers.

Titans, Colts, Broncos, Cardinals.

Grizzlies. 14ers, Jam.

Team Spirit + Laziness = Yay.

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