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Concepts, Many With More To Come

Nick 1733

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Alrighty, here are the concepts I have come up with so far. (The Red Wings, Stars and Devils are my concepts)

Philadelphia Flyers (this is jkrdevil's concept and I just love it.)


Dallas Stars (I like the motarus (sp?) logo but Red DOES NOT belong with the Stars)


Detroit Red Wings (Keeping their heritage but with a little style.)


Montreal Canadiens (Avengers concept done in our classic style.) (EDIT- I think this logo looks better.)


New Jersey Devils (my original concept using the x-line logo.)



All comments are appriciated

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These all look really good on screen, but I'm not sure how they'd look draped on top of a hockey player. With the exception of the Devils jersey, I feel like there's aquite a bit of empty space on a lot of these. I like 'em, though.




The world's foremost practitioners of professional tag-team wrestling.



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It's amazing to me how much better the Mooterus looks without red in it... :D

Everything else you made is excellent... Except for the Philly one, it's just too much like the real home jersey they have...



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i like them, two observations tho.

i think the stars would look better with the sleeve ends and the bottom of the jersey in green. there's not enough of it on the uniform here.

the montreal logo is great, but it looks a tad too small. just make it bigger.

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OK, this is so everyone understands this properly.

Flyers concept, done entirely by jkrdevil, I just enlarged it.

Candiens concept, done entirely by Avenger, I just did it on a normal template. (EDIT- I changed the logo, which IMO looks better)

Stars concept, their third jersey design, I just changed the colors.

Red Wings concept, I used an old logo of theirs from back in the 20's or 30's.

Devils concept. I used the NHL x-line logo of theirs.

rjrrzube - it is green on the sleeve ends and bottom of the jersey, it's just dark.

The logo for the Canadiens has been enlarged.

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Alrighty Then!!

I changed the "Fleur de lis" logo on the Canadiens jersey to one which I think looks better.

Watch for my Avalanche, Blues, Coyotes, Ducks, Hurricanes, Pengiuns, Sharks and Wild alternates coming soon, as I am working on them now. As I am also working on bringing back the old Tampa Bay Alternate.

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