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Paynomindbender - Olympic Logo Challenge


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Talented designers we are, one and all. After spending the better part of the morning on the Olympic Logo website that Josh found, I am APPALLED at the quality of some of the logos.


So, here lays down the gauntlet of the latest paynomindbender!

- Design an Olympic Logo!

1. Pick a city. Any city really, maybe you think Central, SC should host the olympics. This contest is NOT based on whose whole bid package makes the most sence, but only whose logo rocks.

2. Design a primary logo ...for the SUMMER games. No winter, that may come later, (depending on response)

3. Post it here, for us to enjoy.

Easy enough right? Lets see if you really ARE better than the rooks who are actually getting work as Olympic Logo designers. You can call this the 'paynolympic games!"

The voting will either be top-three points based, if we get over 9 entries... Or simple vote, if under 9.

Voting will begin on April 22nd, my mom's birthday.

The winner will get international fame and recocgnition, and for the first time, I will provide a nifty image-trophy for the winner to proudly display in their sig.

(By the way, i'd like to set a standard for these. How about we go 75pxX75px? That way, you can stack them up in your sig line, for bragging purposes!)

Thank you for your attention. Let the games begin!

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any country, any future year...

but just summer for this turn. Like I said, if this gets a lot of good entries, we will do a phase two, and do winter.. then compete the winter vs. the summer!

I'm glad to see folks interested.. i hope the results are as good as i'm thinking!

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Here we go... Pittsburgh 2012


So, there's a bunch of symbolism in this logo. There's the keystone, for Pennsylvania, the Keystone State. There's the golden triangle, which is the confluence of the the three rivers in Pittsburgh. There's the "Pittsburgh" banner which symbolizes the many bridges in Pittsburgh. There's the flame itself with three colors and three points, symbolizing the three rivers, the Allegheny, the Manongehela, and the Ohio. The fire not only represents the olympic flame, but also the steel industry and the smelting plants which Pittsburgh was founded. And of course the whole thing is supposed to look like a torch cauldron.

Hope you like...

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