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CFA team Identities


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I haven't posted anything worthwhile in the concepts section recently, so I thought I'd finally post something. As of September, I am an owner in the Continental Football Association fantasy football league here on the CCSLC. The league has been in a downward spiral recently in popularity and interest, so in order to bring some excitement back to the CFA, I offered to re-do any teams logo if the owner was up for it.

I just finished the logos for the Botany Bay Buccaneers (Mac's team)...



This was for the Spokane Shockers, but they ended up moving so this won't be used... still, it's a fun design.



I'll be continually updating this thread as I do more and more teams.

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These look really nice. That buccaneer looks so crisp and clean, really like the colors as well. The script however looks a little bland, it could use some supporting elements to make it a little more unified; maybe adding a sword to the bottom? I dunno. I'd also try and shrink the mouth as a whole, it kind of ruins the natural contour of the jaw, they're not as flat as you have presented.

Spokane looks really sick, The helmet looks gorgeous. No nit-picks on this one.

Awesome job, can't wait to see more. (and hopefully some uniforms?)

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Very, very nice work on both designs (as usual). I love the plugs as the laces on the Shockers football. The Buccaneers is very well done and the color choices - albeit unique - are very nice.

I agree the Bucs one is very nice..colors are a bit unusual but they work

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Regarding the Bucs wordmark:

I left it that way because that the main logo is a 5-color design. If I was going to "unify" the wordmark to the logo, then I would have to either use all 5 colors and muddy up the wordmark, or I could leave out a color or two, but that makes the appearance of those colors in the primary logo seem "awkward" and "unnecessary". Also, I really like that wordmark... the letters have a nice shape and it's pirate-y without looking cheesy, which is very easy to do when doing pirates...

Regarding the open jaw:

The original idea I had for the logo was a laughing pirate. Why laughing? Because pirates were some crazy mofos. So when the decision was made to go with a jolly rogers look instead, I wanted to bring that idea along with the concept... and to be honest, I think it works even more now... "You think you got the last laugh just 'cause you killed me?"

Regarding the shading of the football in the Shockers' logo:

The ball is heading up, not forward.

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I noticed this identity in the CFA section of the boards, and man it is one sick rendering. Excellent work.

BTW, I'd love to see a helmet/uniforms.

We're waiting on the owner to decide... Also, all uniforms are the responsibility of the owners as of this year. Next year, all uniform designs will be moved to a common, CFA-use-only template.

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All of these logos are great. Really some top-notch designs. How much input did the owners give you? Or were you pretty much on your own?

So far, the owners have given me some direction, but they have been pretty hands-off...

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