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What Do You Think of This Logo?


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I have been working on it for a while and finally got it to where I like it. My dads friend runs this company and he changes his logo every couple of years or so when he gets a new truck. I decided to make a concept for when he gets a new truck. I kind of based it on his last two logos, what do you think?


My update is in post #13

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Too many outlines.

It's somewhat irritating that your dad's friend feels he needs to get a new logo every few years.

A good strong identity will last much longer. A successful identity should be memorable and immune to fickle changes every few years.

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This is insnely sloppy. PLUS is in a font, but the A isn't? Towing is sloppy as hell, and has an awkward g-loop. You could def pay someone to lay this one out.

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Just a few quick points to actually help you out instead of being a naysayer:

1. The first thing that stuck out to me was the lack of fluidity in your linework. As it stands, the custom script you've created is very choppy and doesn't lead the viewer through the logo.

2. I think you may want to reconsider your color choice. The lime/florescent green is a tad jarring when placed next to the deep grey.

3. If you're going to base your wordmark around an italicized, modern font, I'd suggest italicizing the script as well. Right now, the 'PLUS' feels very dynamic, but the 'A' and 'Towing' are quite sedimentary.

4. Since this logo is going to be placed on the side of a truck, I have serious concerns about the legibility of the 'PLUS' typeface from any sort of distance.

That is all. Go make it awesome.

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The color combination doesn't work well because those colors contrast poorly. Ditch the lime green. Find out what color the new truck will be and use a color that will contrast well with it. If it's a white, yellow or orange truck, reconsider the grey because it won't stick out well. If it's a black truck, you could use hot pink in place of the lime green and probably still be able to use the grey. The black outline might also muddle the logo. Try a version without it, just to see if it makes the letters clearer.

Consider that if the truck is the only place the logo will be displayed, most people will be seeing it as it goes by at 30 or 40 mph. They'll need to recognize what it is quickly or else you'll have people going "What was that?" instead of "Hmm, A-Plus Towing."

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Actually I like the fluorescent yellow (not lime green).

What bothers me is how the name is being used grammatically.

A-Plus (need the hyphen) or A+ would work, but "A Plus Towing" is incorrect and would annoy me if I saw it often. Also, the "A-Plus" part needs to be in the same font and the towing should be in the curvy "Racing"-style script.

I agree with your use of highly-visible coloring, it is something a lot of towing companies do. Many in my town use hot pink. Please don't do that, but do follow their reasons for using it.

He DOES NEED TO settle on one logo and stick with it though. How's he going to build a reputation for his business with a constantly-changing identity or worse yet, not even appear to be the same company if he is using more than one truck with multiple logos? If his business name used his name, or something unique, it would not be as much of an issue, but he's using a more generic business name. At minimum, he should pick a permanent color scheme even if he insists on redesigning the logo. Anything to remain recognizable for customers to consider repeat business. If they're not sure the new truck in town with he same is really the same guy who they had a good experience with years ago, they may not call him again.

Now if he's a jerk who provides horrible service, he may want to constantly change his identity like that. :D

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I changed it up a little and got the text all going in the same direction. I think it looks alot better now. He currently has a black truck and a red truck so I tried to make one for those color trucks.



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It doesn't really look like you changed anything except slanting the T to the right so it doesn't rest on top of the A anymore. To be honest, I don't think this design works at all. I understand the desire to use eye catching colors, but that's about all I get here.

The fonts you've picked are choppy and make for poor outlines, and outlines are really all you have here. If you're set on using one script font and one futuristic font, then try setting the words differently than you have now. Put "A-Plus" in the script (not that script, try a different one) and "Towing" in caps.

A problem here is that it's illegible at first (and that's about the biggest problem you can have). It takes a few seconds to figure out what order you're supposed to read everything in, and when you're driving by a truck on the road you don't have that much time to make an impression.

I really think you should start over here. Pick cleaner fonts, things that are more legible and fit together better. And try to end up with fewer than three outlines. Good luck.




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Ask yourself these questions before you touch this again:

1. Who is the client?

2. What are they trying to portray? (ex: hard-working, quick service) What is their message?

3. How can you portray this image in a logo?

4. Is the logo you've designed simple? Will it look good for years, or will it look tired in 6 months?

5. How will this logo look on business cards, letterhead, shirts, hats, and most importantly the trucks?

6. How large is the company? Small company use less colors, preferably two (white doesn't count).

7. What do other tow truck companies logos and trucks look like? What are the most recognizable companies and their logos?

Have you even talked to the guy? Have you asked him what he likes or what he would like? You're trying to create a logo without knowing the client or the competition and that is part of the reason you're failing with this logo. The use of bright/neon colors isn't helping and actually is extremely annoying.



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You need to have some sort of dash between the a and plus, otherwise it looks like app-luss (phonetically).

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