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Sneak Peak at the New Pac-10 Logo


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Posted a while back by Ry in the 'conference flip-flop' thread:


At the time this was originally posted, I just assumed it was someone's concept.

It looks like they're personalizing the colors for each team too. For Utah it's red, UW it's purple, Oregon it's green, etc,etc. I don't like that idea. They should just keep blue and stick with that.

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I actually kind of like it. Almost reminiscent of a highway sign. Kind of reminds me of the Route 66 sign in a way. Obviously they would have to change the number soon with the 12 teams but I still think it works. Its not perfect, though most of these logos seldomly are.

The previous PAC 10 logo seemed very amateurish to me. Anything would be better than that logo IMHO.

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Wow at anyone thinking that the field would actually be like that lol

Anyway, only thing that sucks is the new logo is getting splattered everywhere but its just gonna have to be changed soon.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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