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Field/court/rink templates


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If anyone is interested in designing logo art on football fields, hockey rinks, etc. ... I have just finished a template that contains the field markings for just about any venue ... and they are all to constant scale with each other. (A scale is included on the template.)

The template includes blank outlines for:

- baseball*

- football (U.S. - with both NFL and NCAA markings)

- football (Canadian)

- football (Arena)

- basketball (with NBA, NCAA and international markings)

- hockey

- tennis

- volleyball

- soccer

- field hockey

- lacrosse

(I included the last three because the last time I went to a game at Franklin Field in Philadelphia, I noticed that the field was marked with lines for four different sports at the same time -- football in white, soccer in yellow, lacrose in blue, and field hockey in red. So if anyone wants to work with something like that, feel free.)

The template is in .ai format, meaning that the vector lines are accurate no matter how you enlarge them. (Even the batter's boxes or the foul lane markings are to scale, as small as they are on the entire template.)

* The baseball template is accurate in the infield and along the foul lines. The outfield fence is a generic one marked by a dashed lines, with dimensions of about 330'-405'-330'. ... I haven't gotten around to marking off every ballparks' exact fence dimensions.

If anyone wants this template, I will be happy to send it to you. As I said, it is in .ai format.

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I'm sure STL Fanatic would post it on his template page. It's a good resource that has all of the most common templates used on this board, plus there is no discrepancies as to who made what.
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OK, folks.

It's on the way to everyone who asked.

Feel free to post it on whatever sites you think appropriate. (It doesn't really make sense to put it on my site; no one would look there for something like that. Besides, there probably isn't room.)

Just let me know where it's posted, so I can refer people there.

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