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Montreal Maroons


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NHL Revivals, take two...here's the list:

Montreal Maroons---Maroons road crest

New York Americans

original Ottawa Senators

St. Louis Eagles

Pittsburgh Pirates---parrot logo

Philadelphia Quakers

Quebec Bulldogs---CAQ shoulder logo

Montreal Wanderers---Wanderers crest

Hamilton Tigers

special invitees:

California Golden Seals, the Great Expansion

Seattle Metropolitans, pre-NHL Cup Champ

Vancouver Millionaires, pre-NHL Cup Champ

Houston Apollos, former Habs farm team

Montreal Maroons

the maroon jersey is attempting to stay true to the team's usual design, only i swapped white for cream. the road jersey, since they never to my knowledge wore a white jersey, is cream/maroon and i took the liberty to fluff with things :P if you couldn't tell by the pinstripes. :hockeysmiley:

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Hmmm... that second Maroons logo reminds me of (Shark'll love this) White Castle... apparently coming soon to Racine!

see my post above... I guess great minds think alike!

In a unique combination of Homer Simpson and Snoop Dogg, "D'ohizzle!"

Good call josh. Great minds do indeed think alike.

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Pretty tame by Discrim's standards, I think. I like them, though. The second logo is a bit White Castle-ish, but eh, what can ya do?

like i said, it was either some type of shield or just the M on both. and so i chose the former.

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see discrim, I KNEW you loved White Castle! :hockeysmiley:

for the first (and last) time, the resemblance is coincidental. however it was unintentional...and i did not...have sexual relations...with that woman :P

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The colors remind me of an Ironton Tanks concept I saw on this board or Fanhome a while back. The cream and maroon colors work well together. I really like the entire look especially the road uniform. What font are you using?

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