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Brooklyn Knights


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So its been quite some time since my last concept here and I've been a lil bored at work and made some more extra time to put this together. I dont think the name needs explaining, but I chose the colors by taking the yellow and black from the city's seal (though royal and electric blue are also featured, but blue is overused as we all know). I'll see if anyone notices the other tidbits of the primary logo...also, I did some recycling from my NBAE project for a couple elements here, but I think it works. So without further ado, the logosheet:


And the uniform sheet:


C & C is always appreciated...I'd like to polish this one off to a finish.

PS: I'm working on a retro-looking yellow alternate, so that will come shortly...

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For some reason, the main logo looks like a cross between a ninja and some sort of insect.

I'm also getting a weird vibe off the main logo. It can't decide whether it's a helmet or a battlement.

To explain the facial features, I took cues from the aesthetic of the Brooklyn Bridge towers:


Also, the "mouth guard" area is inspired by the side view of the bridge tower where you see the cables coming off from each side (i used 5 cables to represent the bball players on the court).

Still need to finish up the alternate uni, but that will be forthcoming soon enough.

Anyone else with some C & C?

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I like the color scheme, and the idea. The jersey concepts are great, but I'm just not feeling the logos. Both the primary and secondary look "weird."

I think for the secondary, perhaps just a downward facing sword over the ball might be an attractive look. The morphed bridge/castle ball just doesn't look right to me.

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