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NBA Identities as Football Teams


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A sincere thank you for all the comments and input. Washington was my first real concept, and I feel that it still has a lot of potential. But moving on, here are the Milwaukee Bucks.


This set is where I happily utilized creative freedom. The Bucks, like many other teams I'm discovering, don't really provide an appealing helmet logo. However, inspired by the Eagles, I used the wings idea (replaced of course by antlers.) Other than that, there isn't too much of note with this set. The side panels and collar were inspired by the basketball jerseys, and the number and NOB font were taken as well. Also, while the home set is faithful color-wise, the away's side panels are just white and red. I may try green and red to resemble the basketball jerseys, but I feel like I tried that while making these. I think it looked like an overload of green. I dunno, I'll do it again to see how it looks if no one agrees with what I have here. Anyway, so enjoy this set and up next is the Boston Celtics.

By the way, does anyone know how you change the subheading underneath the topic title?

LOVE the helmet. One of my very first concepts was for a hypothetical arena football team called the Stags and the helmet design was very similar to this. Only thing I'd change is the middle stripe... it doesn't make sense on helmets where the decals are implied to be coming "out" of the helmet (see Rams, Falcons, Eagles).

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Personally, I'd prefer the side panels to be green instead of red on the away jerseys, because it seems to have too much red on them, but I do like the helmets and how you worked the other elements on their basketball jerseys onto a football uniform. I can't wait to see Boston.

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Thank you guys. I've been very busy lately with the college admission process (Recently admitted into UMD for those that are interested), but the Celtics are done and will be posted most likely later today. I actually made two versions of the uniform, one that is plain and classic, and another that uses a few more unique features.

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