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Padres Hockey And Football Xovers


which padres football and hockey x-overs should I keep?  

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Ive decided to crank out some more traditional styled hockey and football x-overs for the Padres based on thier new graphic scheme

Most of the vets here have seen the previous ones, which I made a little more modern in comparison

however I only want to roll with one hockey and one football xover for the padres in my database, so I leave it to you guys to decide as to which padres hockey xover and which padres football xover I end up keeping

Padres Hockey x-over #1


Padres Hockey x-over #2


Padres Football x-over #1


Padres Football x-over #2


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Hockey - #1 is awesome! Terriffic idea, great! #2 - boring.

Football - #1 is alright. The light blue works ok as a sholder stripe, but doesnt have a lot of 'pop' #2 - looks VERY Rams to me.

Well done. I like the X-over!

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All 4 are good I gave the both 1 concepts teh edge since are truer to the logo.

I love teh Padre catching the football thats a classic all by itslef without uniform concepts.

Too bad you hate Basketball it would have been fun to see the dunking friar.



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These are so good. For picky-ness sakes though, I might come up with something a little different for the logo on the hockey sweaters, since a major component of the logo is home plate. Maybe just use the P from the wordmark or something.

Awesome awesome awesome nonetheless

Yeah do that.  Do exactly THAT

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Great concepts across the board! The font is great on the numbers, and the actual design flows great in all the concepts. Im very particular to number 1 (for the hockey that is). For the football, both are great, but I really like the second design. Keep up the great work!

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