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MLB Basketball Crossovers!


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Yeah, it's probably been done 50 times with every possible combination of sports, but I still think it's really fun to do these just to see what they look like. I don't think I really need to explain much here, just major league teams on basketball uniforms. Request whichever team you would like to see next. I started off with the Red Sox and Yankees.

Red Sox | Yankees | Indians | Tigers | Mets | Twins | Phillies | Orioles

These sort of look like Kansas' basketball unis last year, but I just thought that design look good because it somewhat mimics the style of the tuscan font.


Obviously the Yankees would have classic basketball uniforms. Just simple pinstripes, no NOB.


That's all, enjoy!


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Nice work! I like how the Yankees script looks on a basketball jersey. I love the pinstriped home Yanks jersey. These are just my opinions, obviously you can take them or leave them -

1) I don't think the RedSox should have side-panels. It doesn't fit with their traditional look. I think side-panels should be saved for teams that are more experimental with their look.

2) I don't think the Yanks road should have pinstripes, and I think that either the numbers or the NEW YORK should be in gray (in addition to maybe adding a gray stripe somwehere in the neck/shoulder trim, and maybe outlining the NY on the shorts in gray).

3) For the blue and red Red Sox jerseys, I think the name-on-back should be plain unoutlined white.

4) For the Yanks, I would put the NY on the front of the shorts, not the side. Not to copy the old Knicks uniforms, but I just think it would look better.


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More teams done!

Just a feather design on the shorts, I thought it fit the Indians very well.


Very classic unis here, much like their baseball counterparts.


Sublimated skyline on the shorts. And let's be honest, we all know the Mets would try to pull of a black alternate if they had a basketball team.


Alright so there you have it, any more requests?


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This last bunch looks really good!

I like the feather on the Indians shorts a lot. I would make the fauxback red though, just so there aren't two white jerseys.

I like the simplicity of Detroit. However, I would put the "Tigers" wordmark on the home and the "Detroit" wordmark on their actual road jerseys on the road. Then I would put the D logo on the shorts, so it's included.

The Mets are your best yet. The striping looks really good, and the sublimated skyline is excellent.

This is one of the best crossover series I've seen. Keep up the good work, and I'd like to put a request in for my Cubbies!

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These last few are great.

I like the feather used on the Indians it gives the uniform a very nice touch. I would give it 9/10.

For the Tigers, you did a nice job keeping the uniforms clean and classy just like the baseball ones. I would also give it a 9/10

The Mets one is great. The best one yet. Everything clicks with the uniforms. 10/10

Detroit Falcons (NABL) | Detroit Gears (UFL)

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Thanks for the comments guys! I took mbannon's advice with the Tigers uniforms. I knew there was something off about them that I couldn't seem to figure out. So here's the updated Tigers, and I'll get to work on the next unis.



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