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New for 2012: Revised Philadelphia Union Primary/Secondary Kits


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Got this via my fan e-mail a couple days ago. I'm pretty sure it's all up on the team website by now, but here's a quick description:

The new primary jersey is inspired by the club's first primary jersey, maintaining a navy blue base with a gold center stripe. The new version features thicker signal blue piping, as well as a center stripe that extends to the collar and narrows as it reaches the bottom.

The new secondary jersey is a complete variation from the original gold secondary jersey, featuring a signal blue base and a white center stripe flanked by gold piping.

And the visual...


(There's a YouTube video of this unveiling as well--but I have no clue how to link to it with my BlackBerry.)

All in all, the best-looking identity in MLS (of course I'm extremely biased in that regard--check my sig) just got even better. And it looks like at some point, I'll be investing in a new Christmas present for myself.

Thoughts/opinions on the new stuff?

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It's shaped like a women's jersey.

My first thought as well. That tapered center stripe is exactly the kind of cut that would be used on a women's cut replica jersey. It's probably subtle enough that you wouldn't even notice it in action, though I do feel like even that mockup gives a hint of a feminine shape due to the taper.

The change kit is a huge improvement over the old old gold one, though. (See what I did there? Clever me!)

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"This jersey design is too clean, straightforward, and simple. How can we crap it up?"

--adidas/Reebok, 2001-Present

Adidas designed the original one...

They sure did. Designed the original Sounders kit, too. Seen that one lately?

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