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Favorite NBA Finals Uniform Matchups


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I really have enjoyed raysox's Super Bowl thread, and thought I'd get an NBA Finals one of the same kind going. I know it's not finals time yet, but I figured with football now over and basketball taking center stage, might as well give it a go. And it's fun!

So for those who may not have seen the Super Bowl matchups thread yet, the deal is pretty simple - just post your favorite uniform matchups in NBA Finals history.

I'll start off...and let me preface my picks by saying that I am a 90's kid, so some of these may or may not be influenced by nostalgia :D Also, I am a fan of a lot of the matchups in finals history, but I'll just post six that especially stand out to me so as to avoid hogging all of them :P

My all-time favorite might come as a bit of a surprise...

1999 - San Antonio vs. New York


Why? Aside from New York's small black trim, the two color schemes were very different and complimented each other very well. The Spurs kind of have the same effect on uniform matchups that the Raiders do - the silver and black scheme set to a tasteful design makes for a great aesthetic opponent and just "makes" for a great matchup, no matter what the opponent is wearing. And I've always liked New York's black trimmed uniforms very much, and feel this set especially went well with the Spurs'. I was seven years old then, and I remember even as a young'un saying how great the two teams looked against each other while watching the games.

The rest are in no particular order...

1996 - Seattle vs. Chicago


Perhaps the best uniform to come out of the "90's wave" against a sure classic. Despite a decent amount of red between the two (albeit different shades), it was a color matchup you don't see too often in sports. The Forest Green/Brick/Gold scheme of Seattle's vs. a more traditional Red/Black/White for Chicago really stands out to me when looking at finals matchups.

1976 - Phoenix vs. Boston


I have to be completely honest here...of all of Boston's finals appearances, this matchup, in my humble opinion, looked the best (and yes, that does include the Laker matchups). Two radically different schemes with no colors repeated (save the neutral white, of course). Two classic duds head to head. Just all sorts of awesome going on here. I think this would be, without a doubt, my favorite "classic" matchup.

1993 - Chicago vs. Phoenix


Phoenix and Chicago both get another nod here, this time together. Despite my thoughts that Seattle's 90's uniform was the best product of the decade, Phoenix's was no slouch, either. I like this one for basically the same reasons as I liked 1996 - great modern vs. classic, and unique color matchup in sports.

1995 - Orlando vs. Houston


Yes, yes, I know my picks are 90's heavy, but I have to throw one more in here. No colors repeated between the two, and two sharp schemes in and of themselves that truly popped against one another. It helps matters that both teams wore the best uniforms in their respective franchise's history in the series - Orlando's, perhaps, one of the best uniforms in league history.

1972 - New York vs. LA Lakers


I've always been struck by this matchup. Blue and Orange vs. Purple Forum Blue and Gold? Yes please. Great, classic stuff.

Anyways, let 'em fly! Go ahead and share your favorites.

EDIT: New pictures, hopefully no errors! :)

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Any of the Lakers-Celtics match-ups will do! Bulls-Lakers in 1991 works, as well. I'm just a sucker for a yellow-color matchup. I like watching the Rockets play at LA, too. The red vs yellow is a great look for a Rockets homer like myself.



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All of the images you posted are giving me a 403 error.

Really? Strange, they're working just fine for me. Anyone else having trouble viewing them? I apologize, I'll see if I can fix the issues.

I'm getting the error as well.

same. wish i could see them though. heres my fave

Bullets and Sonics: 1978-1979



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(Unfortunately, I can't even look at this matchup without remembering how Jordan pushed off on Bryon Russell. I have nothing but respect for MJ's career, but that was BS.)

As a Jazz fan, same here. You and me both. :(

Anyways, I apologize again, everyone, for the image errors. I found some new ones and replaced the originals...any better? Let me know if there's still any errors, I'll be happy to fix them.

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One more quick one I wanted to add, if you guys don't mind:

2000 - LA Lakers vs. Indiana


To be completely honest, I'm not exactly sure why I liked this one so much. You'd think it wouldn't stand out as much because there was lots of yellow/gold to go around...but I think this was a good matchup more so because of each team's individual uniforms: both were very classy uniforms and were sharp in their own right, so I guess it was one of those "both teams look good, so it must be a good matchup" deals, rather than a color contrast or something of that nature.

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