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dsaline97's NFL Series


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Rams: solid, though for some reason the roads remind me of Akron a bit.

Chargers: once again, solid set, though the sleeve/pants bolts seem a bit on the chunky side. Maybe they could do with being thinned out a bit. Also woulda liked to see how a gold alt would look with the white pants.

Eagles: replace the midnight green with forest green, and silver with gold, and you basically have my high school helmet, no lie. I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but another solid one. Like the return of the silver pants, though I feel you could've incorporated the wings somehow.

Vikings: Methinks you may have stripped it down a tad much. The jerseys are basically a collar away from being Raiders basic. The new horn seems a bit awkward as well.

Patriots: apparently somebody saw my Junior Seau tribute set...in any event, not all that big a fan of the pant stripes as they are...good idea, but you went a bit overboard when fewer stars would've sufficed. Essentially, I figure fewer would make the whole thing look less like a Pro Bowl jersey.

Panthers: here come the men in blaaack...they won't let you remember...all kidding aside, I'm loving how the panther blends into the helmet, kinda like that effect on the Mobile Baybears' cap. The sleeve stripes are a bit out there, but I figure we'd get used to em.

Chiefs: Hail to the Chieftains...Hail Victory...Scouts on the Warpath...Fight for ol' KC! Seriously, all I know is you could probably have gone in another direction with the jerseys...maybe incorporate the arrowhead into a sleeve stripe? The gold pants would take a bit of getting used to.

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Here are the final three teams:

Team #30: Houston Texans

Home Away Alt

Pretty small changes here. I made the helmet white which makes the logo stand out more. I also made the pants stripe cut off to allow for a logo to go there.

Team #31: Cincinnatti Bengals

Home Away Alt

The Bengals uniforms are going in the right direction, but need some cleaning up. I removed the white side panel and the black-on-white tiger stripes. The tiger stripes on the pants are now in a straight panel instead of Broncos-ish ones. Orange is now the primary color, since Bengals are orange.

Team #32: Detroit Lions

Home Away Alt

I really like the Lions uniforms, but I feel like they could use black a little more. I made the black in the stripes wider to fix that, which helped re-introduce the black jersey. Oh, and the awful number font is no more, and it ain't comin' back.

C&C Appreciated!

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White Texans helmets are what should have been used from the start.

I love the simplicity of the Bengals.

However, I am a polar opposite on my opinion of the Lions...they should have NO black.

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Unpopular opinion, but I like the Texans helmets better as navy. You made the white helmets work though, so no complaints with the Texans.

For the Bengals uniforms, I like the idea, but not the options. I would say home primary should be as you chose. road primary should be monochrome white, and black alternate with white pants. The execution for your uniforms though is great. It really simplifies their currently over busy look.

I'm ok with the use of black on the Lions current uniforms. But I'm not a fan of the way it's used. Black is used much better on this concept. it really makes the uniform look professional. I would say drop the full black alternate, but as trim it looks great.

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HOU: Fan of the white helmet.

CIN: You need a couple more stripes on the sleeves, and for the love of God, NO SHOULDER YOKES! Keep the orange on the sleeves of the road jersey.

DET: Not a fan of the striping pattern. Looks too much like the Packers' stripes, and IMO the increased black doesn't look good.

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Houston looks good, although I'm not sure how well the pants stripe fits with the jersey stripes.

Cincinnati is perfect, one of my favorite concepts ever for them.

Detroit is pretty good, although I think that taking out all black would make it really good.

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Wonderful work

Thanks! It actually feels like a compliment to have a new member bump up one of my old topics! :D

I'm actually thinking about doing this over, now that my design skills have greatly improved from a year ago. But, that's about 3rd or 4th on my list, behind a fantasy football league, fantasy baseball league, and a re-worked MLB series, but I certainly want to give the NFL another shot.

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