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dsaline97's NFL Series


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Hello everyone,

This is my NFL redesign. I post teams, you give C&C. I'll update them after that.

Some things you may want to know about this series:

-I use the ProCombat template. I don't like the half collars and their flywire; doesn't appeal at all to me.

-College style socks are now in use. Players like them better, that's why you see them all the time in high school in college. Also, pants and socks that are the same color look much better than pro-style socks.

-Each team gets ONE alternate jersey, and it cannot be a throwback jersey. (I'll go through those later.)

32/32 teams completed

AFC East:

Miami Dolphins: Home Away Alt

Buffalo Bills: Home Away Alt

New York Jets: Home Away Alt

New England Patriots: Home Away Alt

AFC West:

Oakland Raiders: Home Away Alt

Denver Broncos: Home Away Alt

Kansas City Chiefs: Home Away Alt

San Diego Chargers: Home Away Alt

AFC North:

Pittsburgh Steelers: Home Away Alt

Baltimore Ravens: Home Away Alt

Cleveland Browns: Home Away Alt

Cincinnatti Bengals: Home Away Alt

AFC South:

Indianapolis Colts: Home Away Alt

Tennessee Titans: Home Away Alt

Jacksonville Jaguars: Home Away Alt

Houston Texans: Home Away Alt

NFC East:

Washington Redskins: Home Away Alt

New York Giants: Home Away

Dallas Cowboys: Home Away

Philadelphia Eagles: Home Away Alt

NFC West:

San Francisco 49ers: Home Alt

Seattle Seahawks: Home Away Alt

Arizona Cardinals: Home Away Alt

St. Louis Rams: Home Away-1 Away-2

NFC North:

Chicago Bears: Home Away Alt

Green Bay Packers: Home Away

Minnesota Vikings: Home Away Alt

Detroit Lions: Home Away Alt

NFC South:

New Orleans Saints: Home Away Alt

Atlanta Falcons: Home Away Alt

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Home Away Alt

Carolina Panthers: Home Away Alt

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Team #1: Pittsburgh Steelers

Home Away Alt

I loved two things about the Steelers' uniform history: the grey facemask and the yellow numbers. Essentially, I brought back the early 60's jerseys that were slightly changed (e.g., no yellow sleeves on the away). I did keep the yellow pants because I love those. A yellow jersey with black pants is the alt.

C&C Appreciated!

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I'm of the school of thought that a yellow gold jersey can work well if done right. In that vein, I'm a huge fan of the alt here, would be something I'd like in my closet. I think the road's striping could be tweaked a bit, maybe black/gold/black/gold/black or black/white/gold/white/black.

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Team #2: Baltimore Ravens

Home Away Alt

Obviously, this is a team that I gave a pretty noticeable overhaul. I reverted to the Ravens' previous logos, which I feel much stronger, but I left the current script to be. The current colors also remain. I did add more gold in the unis, since it is the outline color for all logos. Since ravens are primarily black, I made black the home jersey color and left purple as an alt. The pants stripe is copied from the helmet to maintain consistency.

C&C Appreciated!

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I'm liking what I'm seeing from the Steelers and Ravens.

There's not much to say about Pittsburgh except that you could try white numbers on the home; love the alt.

As for Baltimore, the home and alt are too dark; as awesome as that Raven head logo is, it's got a lot of white on it. White numbers would help color consistency throughout the uniform, or some white on the jerseys (trim on the numbers, perhaps) would also help. Experiment with one or two outlines on the numbers as well. Also toy around with adding outlines to the helmet and pants stripes (gold, maybe) to help make them pop. Try the full-bodied Raven logo above where the pant stripes end; there seems to be a lot of empty space on the pants.

This is also a personal preference of mine, and I don't really suggest it, but if you know how to do it, try purple flake (a la the Jaguars teal flake) on the helmet. So far, good work; I like many of the changes to the Ravens that you've done.

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Any team that drops an underused color for black is a massive downgrade imo but I understand your reasoning behind this move and it looks good on Baltimore. And it's already been mentioned the issues with that helmet logo.

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I have many teams ready (Bears, Dolphins, Redskins, Bills) completely finished, I'm just waiting for a little bit more advice on my first 2 concepts. After those four, I am currently working on the Colts (they are a major change), and I'll get to updates eventually. So expect the Bears tomorrow-ish.

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The Steelers look great, I love the yellow numbers and I actually think that the grey facemask works here, but I'm not a huge fan of the yellow alt. The Ravens look good as well, but I'll echo what the others said about making purple the home uniform, and I think that you should pair it with black pants. Other than that, I love it and I'm excited to see what's next!

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Here to bring you 3 new teams:

Team #3: Chicago Bears

Home Away Alt

Not too much of a change here. I made the sleeve stripes alternating on all jerseys instead of outlined. I also brought those same stripes to the pants (figured Adidas couldn't do anything since the stripes aren't all the same colors).

Team #4: Miami Dolphins

Home Away Alt

Probably the biggest change is the removal of the helmet on the dolphin logo. I also went back to one of their older shades of teal in stead of aqua; I feel like it stands out better from the navy in the logo. The sunburst is now on the sleeves. I inverted the teal and orange on the stripes, with teal in the middle to show it is the team's main color.

Team #5: Washington Redskins

Home Away Alt

I went old school for the Redskins. Old colors, old spear on the helmet. The wordmark is the same, and the secondary logo is from the curved-feather indian head with a w inside. The gold pants are back, because I feel like they are a fan favorite in DC (or at least from the fans on here). Take a look.

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Bears: rather odd choice you made as far as the away goes: the pants' stripe is blue-orange-blue...yet the white's sleeve stripes are orange-blue-orange. Also wondering if you meant for the GSH to be on both sleeves or you simply forgot to take one off.

Fins: incorporating the sun somewhere other than the logo...it's something I've wanted to do for some time, but never got around to. I would've done it a bit differently, but then I do like what you did here.

Skins: I'd comment...but I can't see it at the moment.

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I don't like the all white roads, for the bears even if they are different colors three stripes are Adidas no matter what colour combo and even if tgey wouldnt sue nike just wouldn do it, the gsh is quite hard to read on all the uniforms. The dolphins look weird with the inside of the sun being white especially on the white jersey (I wonder what the dolphin would look like with a speed or 360 helmet on? Haha) other then that I like them

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Bears: rather odd choice you made as far as the away goes: the pants' stripe is blue-orange-blue...yet the white's sleeve stripes are orange-blue-orange. Also wondering if you meant for the GSH to be on both sleeves or you simply forgot to take one off.

Don't know how I didn't catch the stripe thing, and I had no idea the GSH is only on one sleeve. I'll update these this week.

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