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1920's-1970's Football Uniform Template


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Recently, I've been working on a project involving football uniforms from the 1920's through today. Unfortunately, I could never find an old school style template that I liked, so I decided to make one on my own. I'm a huge fan of andrewharrington's Nike Pro Combat template and Raysox's Yakball template and use both rather extensively, so I based mine on a combination of the styles of theirs.

I'm not particularly a fan of the last one, so I'm gonna retool it, and I still have to work on the back of the pants templates, but I'd love to get some C+C on these.


Here are also some real life examples featuring the NFL's two most historic teams. That's the Bears 1936 Alternate, and the Packers 1959-1960 home uniform.


Here's the link


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Thanks to everyone who has commented so far!

Also my yakball template is based off of AH's football template

Well, sometimes great minds leech off the ideas of even greater minds alike. :P

Beautiful! These would be great for a database. You should try your hand at progressing this template all the way until now. Even progress the helmet up until the Revo Speed.

You've pretty much hit my intentions right on the head. My project is meant to include all the real uniforms from these eras (i've already got the Packers complete through the 70's), while also including concepts for teams that didn't exist.

I also have been planning to make uniforms from the 80's through 2000's, just haven't gotten around to it yet. I plan to eventually have as many different styles as possible based to the different manufacturers, so it'll probably be awhile until I get to the Revo Speed.


Also, I do plan to release the template for use at some point in time, but I'll need to make it more user friendly first. I'll probably get on that during Christmas Break and have that by the time my spring semester starts (Early January).

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It's been a bit longer than I had hoped, but It's time for an update on my template. This update includes the backs of the uniforms, as well as a back view for all three pairs of pants. The third pair ended up being tricky as I debated whether to go with a 3/4 view or two separate views, side and back. It was really difficult to find a good picture to use for the 3/4 view, so I went with side/back.

The first two pairs do not include side views because I've never seen pants from that period in time with side stripes, but there are some instances of the butt stripes during that period. The third pair features both, as that style of pants was used during times when both stripe styles were used.


The second image shows the uniforms when connected.


I'll probably release this for use within the next week, but I'd like to get some of my own concepts out there first. In the meantime, bring on the C+C based on what you see.

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I have not released the template yet, I'm working on fixing up the socks so they fit every template and then they'll be ready to go. I hope to get these out within the next few days, but it all depends on school work.

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It's the Super Bowl, so this seems like the perfect time to finally release my template to the public. It's only in .svg form right now and can be found in the first post. If anyone would like to convert this to .ai, .psd, or paint, I'd really appreciate that.

What you are getting:

- 3 jerseys, front and back (1920's-1940's, 1950's-1960's, 1970's-1980's)

- 3 pairs of pants, front and back (2 Late 1800's- Early 1920's, 1930's-1980's)

- 3 Helmets (1 Leatherhead, 1 No facemask, 1 One Bar)

- 2 socks (1 for unconnected uniforms, 1 for "action" template)

The template features two styles, an unconnected template and a connected "action" template. Each pants template features butt stripes as all three templates were used during a period when these stripes were used.

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